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Google AdWords – Enhancements in Store?

Posted on Jan 26th, 2005
Written by Lee Odden
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    I just took a Google Advertising Professionals survey and there were some interesting questions that suggest some enhancements may be in store:

    Potential Google Advertising Professionals Program Enhancements:

    • Ability to have Google bill your clients directly and pass on a service fee to you for managing their AdWords accounts
    • A means to verify whether or not someone is a Qualified Google Advertising Professional
    • A Microsoft Windows-based tool for more easily uploading and downloading AdWords campaigns
    • Technical support by phone for a fee
    • Ability to add your company’s logo into reports within My Client Center
    • Directory listing of all Google Advertising Professionals on
    • Ability to be a tester for new AdWords features and functionality before public release

    Potential Tools Offered by Google to Help Sell AdWords:

    • Pre-made preventing presentations to introduce clients to the basics and benefits of AdWords
    • Additional online training modules on how to more effectively market AdWords to clients
    • In-person training sessions on how to more effectively market AdWords to clients
    • $50 AdWords coupons to give to new clients to try AdWords
    • AdWords demo on CD to introduce clients to the basics and benefits of AdWords
    • Qualified Google Advertising Professional business card template that you can customize with your own company contact information
    • Online forum to share tips and ideas with other Google Advertising Professionals
    • Best practices manual for marketing and selling AdWords effectively
    • Industry-specific case studies that illustrate the benefits of AdWords
    • One-page datasheets on the basics of AdWords advertising to give to clients
    • In-person training sessions on a how to create and build a business as a Google Advertising Professional

    I also thought the question about whether I’d be interested in becoming a qualified provider of web site development tools was interesting. Google might offer web dev tools?

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