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Google AdWords New Features Webinar

Posted on Dec 21st, 2005
Written by Lee Odden
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    Earlier today I logged into the Google Webex site anxiously anticipating that maybe, perhaps, Google was going to produce something new in the Google AdWords New Features Webinar? The presentation started with an overview on AdSense Referrals, Custom Reports, Online Advertiser Sign-up, Section Targeting and Seasonal Formats. Jensense also has comments on the presentation.

    It was a good overview if you hadn’t been through these features before. But there was nothing "new" as in, newly announced during the webinar. It was an explanation of some of the recently added features to the Google AdSense program. A more accurate title for this Webinar might have been, "Google AdWords Recent Features".

    The information was good and it’s always fun to hear "Googlespeak". Answering questions, but not "really" answering some of them. Not because they don’t want to, but because they can’t or are not allowed maybe. Regardless, the Q/A was very good as is usually the case with these things.

     Below I’m posting some screen shots as well as some of the Q/A. 

    Some of the Q/A:

     Q: what % of referrals are converting?
    G: Can’t reveal. It can take some time

    Q: Is there a way to get stats on on-site advertiser sign up
    G: This info is included in normal reporting

    Q: Can you direct advertisers to your custom signup page from other parts of your site
    G: Yes

    Q: How can you cross sell other advertising on on-site advertiser setup
    G: Explain in customized text box

    Q: How much text do you need to target for section targeting?
    G: It needs to be proportionate to overall text. At least 20%.

    Q: Can you use section targeting multiple times on a page?
    G: Yes

    Section targeting will not ignore other content

    Q: What kind of information can you put into section targeting?
    G: Include as much information as possible – that are relevant

    Language is automatically determined

    Q: How will seasonal ads affect optimization
    G: Seasonal ads will override your default or optimized ad settings

    Q: Will the presentation be available?
    G: Yes, on

    Q: Are there customization options outside what’s offered in admin?
    G: No

    Q: Can we specifiy minimum CPM
    G: No – Auction should take care of appropriate pricing.

    Q: Can you specificy where onsite advertising links appear
    G: Not at this time

    Q: Can you limit sites from advertising
    G: Use filters

    Q: Does onsite advertising override contextually targeted ads?
    G: No – they participate in the same Google auction

    Q: What filters?
    G: Competitive ad filters – use sparingly. Make sure urls are correct.

    Q: For referrals, can text links be used?
    G: Watch for this in the future

    Q: Can you highlight the referral buttons?
    G: No

    Q: Can custom reports be setup for specific time frames
    G: Not supported at this time.

    Q: How do you get demographics info from Google Analytics for publishers
    G: Currently overwhelmed by demand for G Analytics, need to get that up and running first

    Q: When will Google support ads in RSS feeds
    G: In beta now. If interested, you can sign up on Google to be notified of a wider release

    Q: what kind of imformation can you put in the customized text area of landing page
    G: Pretty much anything. HTML is not supported.

    Q: Can onside advertiser links be sent via email
    G: Distribute those links in any way you see fit

    The full presentation is supposed to get posted to the Google AdSense blog tomorrow. 

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