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Google AdWords Site Targeting Enhancements

Posted on Apr 25th, 2005
Written by Lee Odden
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    Significant changes to Google AdWords are in store in the next few weeks:

    * Target users by site – pick which sites your ads appear on, allowing you to view who Google content partners are.
    * New max CPM bidding option – The CPM ads will compete with traditional AdWords ads with a minimum CPM of $2.
    * Additional ad formats – banner, leaderboard, inline rectangle, skyscraper, wide skyscraper.

    “What we’re expecting customers to do here is open themselves up to all of the types of opportunities at Google,” said Tim Armstrong, vice president of ad sales for Google. “This will be a way to keep the scale but use the feature to also target.

    NY Times:
    “Google is giving advertisers a computerized system that will help them comb through the many thousands of sites it represents to find those that may have an audience appropriate for their products.”

    “Google’s program, called Site Targeting, is being introduced in test form on Monday, but will be rolled out to all advertisers in the next two weeks, Keane said. Advertisers will be able to target ads not only but Web site, but also by category, such as wine enthusiasts. Google will target ads by scanning Web pages for their content.”