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Google Builds Pages

Posted on Feb 23rd, 2006
Written by Lee Odden
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    Who hasn’t covered Google’s latest bid to take over the internet, Google Page Creator?

    Lowdown: Easy to use, 100 mb of space, requires Google account, url is like:, differs from blogger in that this is for static pages and blogger is for journal entries. Seems like Geocities all over again.

    Also, here’s some coverage of the coverage:

    • A thread at WebmasterWorld discusses the ease of use as well as accessibility issues similar to Gmail.
    • David Utter at WebProNews gets in on the action and points out how Google Page Creator takes the wind out of Microsoft Office Live Beta and the interesting message you get if you use another browser besides MSIE or Firefox.
    • Loren Baker of Search Engine Journal comments on how Google Page Creator fits in with Google’s plan for world domination. Well, maybe not that, but at least Google’s efforts to acquire and host user content.
    • Threadwatch offers this link to Digital Inspiration which offers screen shots.
    • Chris Sherman at Search Engine Watch had the benefit of communicating directly with the Google Pages Creator Product Manager, Justin Rosenstein who says the service was the result of frustration he experienced when friends or family members wanted to create web sites but were stymied by technical challenges. The new Google offering is another in a long line of 20% projects developed by Google engineers.
    • Nik Cubrilovic at TechCrunch adds his commmentary and compares to other web page creation and CMS systems.
    • Matt Cutts offers a great array of screen shots.
    • and many more.

    Hey Jim, I couldn’t help it with the post title. I wonder if “We Build Pages” will get any ancillary web traffic from the similarity of the “Google Pages” name?