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Google drops price for Urchin On Demand

Posted on May 4th, 2005
Written by Lee Odden
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    Urchin On Demand Price Drop – Price reduction from $495 to $199/mo.

    Specific benefits of Urchin On Demand:

    • Better Intelligence: Urchin helps site owners and advertisers understand how visitors find, navigate and convert on their websites.
    • Higher Conversions: Urchin tracks visitors from all online sources including search engines, natural links, and any variety of paid advertising campaigns such as paid banners, keywords, emails, etc.
    • Actionable Data: The service provides many reports designed to help users visualize their data and take quick action including: Funnel Analysis, Website Overlays, GeoTargeting, Ecommerce Reporting, Campaign Comparisons, Keywords Suggestion Tools, etc. – via


    Interestingly I had just traded emails last week with Barry from SERoundtable and Brett Crosby of Urchin about Urchin’s conversion tracking abilities. We’re looking forward to implementation, particularly with the new pricing model.