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Google is Dead

Posted on Jan 31st, 2006
Written by Lee Odden
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    In this month’s Business 2.0, “2006 Smart List” issue, Google was bestowed “The Smartest Company of the Year” honors. In the ensuing article four scenarios on the possible future of Google were outlined. Three were optimistic and the fourth was doomsday for Google by 2020.

    The cause? Hold on to your seat, because this is damn hilarious ….. SEO.

    Yes, Rand, you’re given credit – it’s all your fault. And Microsoft.

    From the absurd article:

    “The once-mighty search engine falls prey to privacy intrusion, optimizers, and Microsoft.”

    This article was good humor. The demise contributed by search engine optimization is credited to the focus on Google optimization by so many SEOs, that MSN’s search engine is ignored and that Google search results fill with pron and irrelevant sites. MSN search in the meantime, takes this time to develop without notice by SEOs.

    Umm, you’ve got to be kidding me. It’s more difficult to say “Matt Cutts” three times than it is to spam MSN (from what I hear).

    Some people continue to miss the point. By a mile and then some. Perhaps there can be a special session at the next Search Engine Strategies Conference, just for people that cover this space in the media, to explain how search engines work, to explain the positive goals of optimizing for search engines that 98% of search marketers share.

    How many case studies are there of companies achieving success, especially small mom and pop companies competing with much larger competitors because of good optimization? Plenty.

    [ /end rant ]

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