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Google Spreadsheets Update

Posted on Jun 6th, 2006
Written by Lee Odden
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    Wow, that was fast. I received my Google Spreadsheets invite about 20 minutes ago and I’ve been toying around with it for just a few min. The place where I am right now has spotty internet access, but I’ve been able to create a few sample spreadsheets and I must say, so far Google Spreadsheets rocks.

    Will it replace Microsoft Excel? Maybe not, but there will certainly be a very large audience checking it out. I would be more than happy to say bye bye to Office upgrade fees and say hello to web based collaboration.

    I’ll need to get my login over to the folks in our organization that use Excel a lot more than I do to really take it for a spin, but for my purposes, Google Spreadsheets works great. We’ve been experimenting with iRows and Zoho, and while those services have been great, I’d really like to see how Google’s entry in to the online spreadsheet arena pans out.

    I’ll have to forego screenshots until later as I am using a hotel computer and there is no graphics program.