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GoogleGuy Answers Google Bourbon Update Questions

Posted on Jun 2nd, 2005
Written by Lee Odden
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    Brett Tabke of Webmaster World has set up a “Questions for GoogleGuy” thread for webmasters to ask questions concerning the current Google “Bourbon” update.

    GoogleGuy responds to many questions in the thread, too many to list here. I highly suggest you take a look.

    However, I can’t resist a few interesting comments:

    I’ve been aching for a long time to mention somewhere official that sites shouldn’t use “&id=” as a parameter if they want maximal Googlebot crawlage

    “we only export new visible PageRanks every 3-4 months or so”

    I recommend absolute links instead of relative links, because there’s less chance for a spider (not just Google, but any spider) to get confused.

    “My opinion is that spam is getting hit faster, and that for the rest of this year, it will continue to get harder to spam.”

    On a related note, if you’re in New Orleans or if you’re attending the WebmasterWorld Conference June 21-24, then you may want to register for Meet the Google Engineers to ask questions of the folks who make things happen at Google.