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How do you backup a blog?

Posted on Oct 13th, 2006
Written by Lee Odden
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    How do you backup a blog?

    For WordPress blogs, use the the WordPress Database Backup plugin. This plugin is included with all installs of WordPress starting with version 2 I believe. Once enabled, you just go tot he backups section of the manage screen, make a few selections and it’ll backup your blog posts to your desktop or email. I wouldn’t suggest backing up to the server as that won’t do you any good if your web server goes down.

    For blogs, click on Manage and then Export.

    With TypePad just got to the Import/Export area on the Manage tab of your admin area. Here you’ll be able to export all posts to your desktop.

    Movable Type users can login to their admin area and click on Import/Export and then select Export.

    Blogger doesn’t allow an export of all your posts like other services. However, you can edit your template with a bit of custom code to output all posts on one page, then save that page and revert back to your old template. Not the best solution but it should work.

    There are also web services that will do this for you too. will backup any MySQL based blog and it’s free while they are in beta mode. I haven’t tried it but I’d be interested to hear if anyone has tried any web based services.

    For any services not listed, just go to the support section of your blog provider and search for backup.

    Backing up your blog is important and the unofficial Blog Backup Day is the 13th of each month.