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A Visual Guide to Influencer Marketing

Posted on Dec 2nd, 2015
Written by Lee Odden
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    Influencer Marketing

    In 2016 there will be a significant push towards influencer marketing from all areas of digital marketing: from content marketers to public relations to SEOs.

    Companies considering the role of influencers in their marketing efforts will come at it from as many different perspectives as there are benefits. Luckily, there are a growing number of useful resources on the topic, including this blog.

    But there’s more to the topic than what we’ve covered here, so I’ve curated a collection of influencer marketing infographics that present a mix of statistics, best practices, research and models for planning, implementing and measuring the performance of influencer marketing. Take a look, click, download and enjoy!

    Traackr Infographic
    Traackr: The Many Faces of Influence also Content and Influence Framework.

    the shelf infographic
    the shelf40 Tips from PR Pros on Influencer Marketing also Influencer Marketing is the New King of Content

    Webfluential Infographic
    Webfluent: The Results of Analyzing Over 100 Influencer Marketing Campaigns

    Unfunnel Infographic
    unfunnel: The Marketing Influencer Lifecycle

    Augure infographic
    Augure: The Influencers Marketing Guide

    Once you check out this collection of influencer marketing insight, you should be much better prepared to tackle the big questions about influencer marketing. Whether you’re simply trying to define what influencer marketing is, relevant to your marketing mix, to determining how to take your existing influencer relationships to the next level, there’s plenty of infotaining advice in these infographics.

    Top image: Shutterstock