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Infographic: 15+ Reasons B2B Brands are Leveraging Influencer Marketing

Posted on Feb 20th, 2023
Written by Lane Ellis
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    What are some of the top reasons that B2B brands are leveraging influencer marketing in 2023?

    In the following infographic, we share 15+ valuable insights, take-aways and statistics that show how B2B brands and marketers are increasingly turning to the power of influencer marketing to add the type of human touch-points that are more important than ever in the face of increasing use of artificial intelligence (AI), and to help strengthen marketing efforts in the face of economic uncertainty.

    Let’s jump right in with an array of 15+ helpful and sometimes-surprising B2B influencer marketing insights.

    15+ reasons B2B brands are leveraging influencer marketing infographic

    You can download a full-resolution PDF version of this infographic here.

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