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Internet Marketing Conference Tips: Danny Sullivan Third Door Media

Posted on Aug 19th, 2008
Written by Lee Odden
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  • Internet Marketing Conference Tips: Danny Sullivan Third Door Media
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    What better follow up to our impressive list of internet marketing conference tipsters during SES San Jose than sage advice from one of the most visible people in the search marketing industry, Danny Sullivan. As co-founder of Third Door Media, parent to Search Engine Land, Search Marketing Now and the Search Marketing Expo series of conferences, Danny Sullivan is one of the most often quoted experts in the search engine industry.

    Online marketing Blog readers may remember this interview with Danny Sullivan and Neil Patel before a SMX Social Media Conference. You can also find him on Twitter and his personal blog, Daggle

    Take the time to actually read the program. Look at the descriptions, who is speaking and understand what the session proposes to be about. If you’ve still got questions, seek out a conference organizer at the show. While I’m always busy at a show, I still love to take a few seconds to give an attendee some more guidance about what to go to.

    In a multi-track conference, don’t stress or worry about trying to go to everything. It’s like going to a buffet. You can’t eat it all. Multiple tracks aren’t offered to overwhelm an attendee. They’re designed to give more choice to a wide variety of attendees. One great strategy is to make a friend or have several people from your company go to a show. Divide and conquer!

    If you really did want to get to a session, remember that slides are often available along with live blogging. It’s not as good as being there, but it can help.

    Danny’s advice is consistent with the theme that’s emerging with this series of taking the time to plan as well as great advice to not avoid being overwhelmed.

    Up next we have one of Danny Sullivan’s partners in crime, Chris Sherman, also co-founder of Third Door Media and the Search Marketing Expo conferences.

    Many readers of Online Marketing Blog also attend conferences. What insights can you share? What tips help you get more out of attending internet marketing conferences? One great tip might be all it takes to get someone’s boss to agree to send them to the next SES, SMX, Pubcon or one of the many regional and niche workshops popping up. Share your internet marketing conference tips and save an industry peer from sheer boredome and lack of new knowedge!