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Internet Marketing Conference Tips: David Berkowitz Search Insider Summit

Posted on Aug 20th, 2008
Written by Lee Odden
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  • Internet Marketing Conference Tips: David Berkowitz Search Insider Summit
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    It’s hump day during SES San Jose week and it reminds us there are many avenues for interacting with marketing conferences. It’s one thing to focus on programming events like our last few tipsters, it’s another thing to have spent numerous conference hours in the shoes of an attendee, speaker and conference programmer.

    David Berkowitz is Director of Emerging Media & Client Strategy at 360i and Programming Chair of MediaPost’s Search Insider Summit with a short but very important tip:

    Make time for the activities and dinners. The [SIS] Summit has far more shmooze time than time in sessions, and that’s for a reason. As excited as I am about the program and the speakers, the lasting relationships come during the downtime, as do the most meaningful conversations.

    Good point David, after conference events offer abundant networking opportunities that can last a lot longer than session notes.

    Next on our list of marketing conference tips providers is Heather Lloyd-Martin, another person highly experienced as an attendee, speaker and conference organizer with the Direct Marketing Association.

    We’re all about sharing the wealth of knowledge here at Online Marketing Blog and maybe you feel the same. Please share your tips on how to get more out of attending conferences in the comments.