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Internet news readership grows at expense of TV, print

Posted on May 2nd, 2005
Written by Lee Odden
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    An iMediaConnection article this morning points out research from JupiterResearch overviews how increasing numbers of young adults use the Internet for news.

    Here’s a distribution of top news web sites from comScore for March 2005:

    Total Internet Population 164,263

    General News 93,449
    MSNBC 26,953
    Yahoo! News 26,099
    AOL News 24,009
    CNN 23,317
    IBS Network 10,467
    New York Times Digital 8,744
    Knight Ridder Digital 8,372
    USATODAY Sites 7,234
    Tribune Newspapers 6,890
    BBC Sites 6,747
    Google News 6,700
    CBS News 4,723
    FOXNEWS.COM 4,692
    Advance Publications, Inc 4,456

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    What I’m curious about is how many mobile devices are used for reading news and what the trends are there.