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Keyword Discovery Updates Features

Posted on Jan 11th, 2007
Written by Lee Odden
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    The popular keyword research tool, Keyword Discovery, has announced several new updates today. Here are the updates that stand out the most:

    • Keyword Database Update: The KD global database now has 35 Billion searches and the premium database has 10 Billion searches from the last 12 months. This is in contrast to 300 million queries in the past 90 days with WordTracker.
    • Plural Search Feature Release: KD should have had this feature a long time ago.
    • Import to any KeywordDiscovery keyword database: Another long overdue feature recommended by KD users.

    Upcoming enhancements to Keyword Discovery include:

    • More keyword databases, such as French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese
    • Wildcard and “contains” search functions
    • Adult search term database
    • KEI improvements

    Based in Australia, Keyword Discovery is a product of Trellian Software. I’m looking forward to visiting Australia later this year for the Search Engine Room conference where Trellian is speaking along with Hitwise and many other Australian based search companies – and a few of us Yanks too. 🙂

    Wordtracker and Keyword Discovery seem to be the most popular paid tools with Google AdWords Keyword Tool, Yahoo’s Keyword Selector and Aaron’s keyword tool as the hip free tools.¬† What keyword research tools do you use?