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SES Session: Landing Page Optimization Clinic

Posted on Dec 6th, 2007
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    Landing Page Optimization Clinic at SES Chicago

    Focus is a tricky thing. Especially when describing a product that has so much too it. How can you possibly explain a detailed product, like a customized laptop, for instance – in just a few bullet points? The ideal prospect will want to read about every last feature – that’s simply their demeanor.

    Let’s take a different, broader product. Pizza, for example. It’s absolutely fantastic that major pizza chains allow you to order pizza online using landing pages, and I truly hope that the best pizza in the Twin Cities will not only begin doing so soon – but call TopRank Online Marketing immediately to provide their site with the treatment their pie deserves.

    Who isn’t interested in pizza? But just how much do you want to know about it before ordering? Can’t you find a lot of this information somewhere else, if so inclined – somewhere outside of the order stage?

    This idea flowed through the punchy, interactive “Landing Page Optimization Clinic” today at SES Chicago.

    The panel, moderated by Kevin Heisler of Search Engine Watch included:

    • Jimmy Ellis, Director of Optimization Experiments at MarketingExperiments
    • Scott Miller, President & Fouder of Vertstr
    • Marc Wachen, CEO & Co-Founder of Optimost

    With landing page optimization, it does come down to little things – and specifically – the old adage of less being more.

    Why overwhelm your prospect, who is ready to buy, with information they can easily acquire elsewhere? Your product may be the most technical, advanced piece of machinery every developed – and your prospect may very well think in these detailed terms – but if that’s the case, wouldn’t they have already know most of these details, or know of an more “knowledge based” site to find them?

    The one common denomitator in humans, whether we swim or drown in data – is that when we’re ready to buy – we’re ready to buy. My girlfriend and I own a $200 home brew kit, that she had researched and I had not, which serves as proof.

    By focusing on just the most vital product details (to repeat – the most vital product details) we can focus on what’s truly important in a landing page. Like, how do we the prospect acts?

    Marketing 101, here. Engage the user – let those who want to buy know how easily they can buy, ensure those who aren’t ready – become ready, and build trust in the skeptical.

    Miller described the thee C’s:

    • Capture their attention
    • Communicate the value of your product
    • Close the deal – ask for the sale – and make it easy to buy

    Combine this with Ellis’ sage like advice that always bears repeating – build their trust. If other users have had great experience – let the new users know (if possible, use a real name and real firm – I personally know 458 “Scott G’s”). If your site is secure, certainly don’t just pat yourself on the back – share this information.

    Add Miller’s bullets, multiple by Ellis’ concept, and the answer you will be left with is one that answers perhaps my favorite question of all time – one that speaks to the heart of what we do as marketers – “What’s in it for me?”

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