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Link Building Advice from the Best

Posted on Sep 16th, 2006
Written by Lee Odden
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    Unless there’s any doubt, I am a linking fanatic. I appreciate links like they’re gold. When I talk about link building with our team, I can never stress enough the importance of linking for traffic and SEO. To me, the best way to learn about link building is to get out there and do it.

    However, if you’re new, you can save quite a bit of time learning from the wisdom of others’ experience. Here are three recent posts and one bonus link on link building I highly recommend:

    Rand Fishkin presents his thoughts on why email is still king for link building.

    Jim Boykin has a great post about the quality vs quantity issue with link building.

    Eric Ward dispells a common myth about .edu links in his post: “.edu link fallacies dispelled“.

    Of course there’s Aaron Wall and Andy Hagan’s post from last month: “101 Ways to Build Link Popularity“.

    Happy linking!