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Monday Links: Greeking, Linking, Fishing, Social, Mobile & Engagement

Posted on Oct 6th, 2008
Written by Lee Odden
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  • Monday Links: Greeking, Linking, Fishing, Social, Mobile & Engagement
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    1. Geeking with Jonathan, no wait, “Greek-ing with Jonathan Mendez with the speaker, the listener and the argument in “Lessons in Ad Persuasion from Aristotle“.

    2. Proactive Profile Linking. Social profiles and profiles of any kind can provide benefits as part of a Search Engine Reputation Management effort since they can rank well on brand and company names. Profiles can also provide a source of crawlable links. It may serve a company well to secure the profile names before the competition does. Two tools that will quickly check user names at multiple sites include: and the social media keyword check tool from Solo SEO.

    3. Opportunistic traffic fishing. It’s common knowledge that advertising, editorial/media and even trending topics on the social web drive search traffic. However, SEO efforts with content and links take time to see results. Or do they?  Combine keyword based social media monitoring (blogs, forums, MSM, Twitter, video, etc) with an authoritative blog, and you have an on-demand traffic source. When a topic relevant to your business and/or target market is warming up, publish corresponding optimized content via the channels picking it up.  High profile blogs, optimized press releases, social news and Twitter are examples of quick ways to distribute search friendly content. The key is to monitor, have channels for promotion and the ability to act quickly. If nothing else, you can use PPC ads to capture such traffic. This tip inspired by “Use the News for Cheap Pay Per Click Traffic“.

    4. How should your company engage the social web? Take a look at these 237 examples of brands using social media with tactics including: blogging, social networks, online video, podcasting, widgets, crowdsourcing, microblogging, photo sharing, virtual worlds, wikis, blogger relations, social bookmarking, social news, brand monitoring, discussion boards, social PR and user ratings/reviews.

    5. Directories have been a toss up but now Google’s shying away. Google dropped ODP and Yahoo directories from their published guidelines. “Directory Links Next? Google Drops Yahoo and ODP from Guidelines“.

    6. Always add Google Analytics campaign tracking information to your Tiny URL when promoting specific content on Twitter- from “Twitter and Google Analytics: What to Track“.

    7. Need to find links without no follow? Do follow search engine.

    8. Objections to mobile marketing? People DO search and buy on the mobile web and with the number of cell phones outnumbering computers it’s only going to get better. “Common Mobile SEO Concerns and How to Overcome Them“.

    9. Now that she’s left Forrester, what’s Charlene Li up to? She’s started a new company called Altimeter Group and blogging at The Altimeter.

    10. Web analytics guru Eric T. Peterson and my pal Joseph Carrabis have posted the product of their collaboration on measuring visitor engagement in a new white paper, “Measuring the Immeasurable – Visitor Engagement” (pdf).