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LinkMoses Speaketh

Posted on Sep 12th, 2006
Written by Lee Odden
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    Eric Ward, the mac daddy link master or as Debra likes to call him, “LinkMoses” has published his Linking Commandments (part one). These inspired, toungue in cheek linking tips include pearls of wisdom including:

    • II – “Thee who linketh in exchange for gold is Link Whore” *
      (linking in exchange for a return link may be marginally slutty)
    • III – “Thou shall not social linketh thyne own site” *
      (nor send a memo to all employees telling them to digg it, or ask your children to link to your site from their MySpace space)
    • VIII – “Just because MSN search is stupideth dost not giveth thee permission to link spameth them”
    • X – “The link schemer eats from a bountiful table today, but the link farmer eats for a lifetime”

    This is part of an excellent collection of articles and posts on link building from Eric, oops I mean LinkMoses.