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MomentGraphics More Important than Demographics?

Posted on Feb 6th, 2008
Written by TopRank Marketing
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    Jan Leth at MIMA Event
    Monday night, Jessica and I represented TopRank at a Minnesota Interactive Marketing Association (MIMA) Event in Minneapolis.

    In the first of a series entitled ‘Conversations About the Future of Advertising’, Jan Leth from Ogilvy & Mather gave a presentation entitled ‘Dada, Data, Alpha and Beta’ in which he highlighted how marketers can take advantage of the digital age.

    In particular I found interesting, the idea of momentgraphics versus demographics. Marketing of years past would have concluded that we need to know the age, race, income and interests of each of our prospects.

    Momentgraphics focuses on the periods of time in which we need to target prospects. For example, someone searching for the phrase ‘cold medicine that works in less time’ is the prime target for a company producing cold medicine. The demographics of that person are irrelevant because we know they are in a ‘target moment’ making them the target market.

    To take advantage of momentgraphics, keyword lists must incorporate pain point keyword phrases. Pain point keyword phrases are those that a prospect thinks of in the moment, such as ‘cold medicine that works in less time’ but also keyword phrases that they think of after having experienced a pain.

    For example a company that experiences data loss due to a power outage, may hone their search after experiencing such an event. The keyword phrases may then include phrases such as ‘preventing data loss’ or ‘recovering from data loss’.

    Including such may very well bring you into contact with a new set of prospects.

    If you’re local and interested in joining in on the fun, visit the MIMA website and attend the next event featuring Valeria Maltoni of