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MSN v3.0

Posted on Jun 4th, 2005
Written by Lee Odden
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    MSN web blog mentioned today that version 3 of was made live. Scoble mentioned something on Friday also. You’re supposed to take a quiz to see the actual interface, presumably using MSN search to find the answers. I think that’s an odd decision actually. Why create an obstacle (even though it’s minor) to viewing something you’re announcing?

    This 3rd iteration is definitely an improvement. What’s kind of cool is that when you click on any link, a window hovers over the “dashboard” so you can still see what’s behind. I am guessing it’s Ajax that’s enabling that feature – cool. It’s still not Bloglines by any means, but it’s great to see MSN making progress.

    I’d feel a little guilty just giving the url away, so to make it a little challenging, the answers to the quiz are in the following sentence:

    Last March my friend friend from Florida, who is a Weezer fanatic, and I visited Yerevan where we found a vintage buddha statue, but the conversion rate was 3.064 – crazy, so we decided not to buy it.

    Or if you’re not into quizzes, you can email me if you want the url: toprank at gmail dot com

    OK, fine. If you’re really lazy you could just follow this link.

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