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Must Have Directory Submissions

Posted on Oct 7th, 2006
Written by Lee Odden
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    Directory submissions used to be a very big part of most search marketers traffic and link building efforts. That’s changed a great deal in the past few years or so but some directories are still important and have been consistent in their quality guidelines and ability to offer link/traffic benefit.

    A short list of our favorite directories include:

    In fact, it looks like Brian, Greg and the Best of the Web team are at it again with a special Halloween promotion. 15% off on any directory submissions to by October 31st and the chance to win a plasma HDTV.

    If you’ve been to SES or Pubcon conferences, then you’ve definitley seen the ubiquitous black shirts from BOTW worn by their staff and conference attendees. In fact, if you go to an after-conference event, don’t be surprised if 25% of the people are wearing their “BOTW colors”. That kind of fan base doesn’t come from running a second rate directory.

    Here are some additional resources on directories and directory submissions: