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New Features in KeywordDiscovery

Posted on May 11th, 2006
Written by Lee Odden
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    Customers of Trellian’s KeywordDiscovery service received an announcement today:

    1. Increased Keyword Database from 26 Billion to 32 Billion
    2. New Keyword Importer and Keyword Filter
    3. New Thesaurus Search
    4. Dutch Keyword Database Release

    Additional features that will be included in version 2 beta of Keyword Discovery include:

    – New user interface – easier navigation
    – KeywordDiscovery v2 Beta (Faster, Bigger and Better)
    – Increased speed and search response times
    – Advanced import features
    – Advanced competitor analysis
    – New projects interface

    My SEO consulting firm changed all of our keyword research and analysis over to Keyword Discovery recently. David Warmuz and his team have done an exceptional job at listening to their client base and enhancing product features accordingly.