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Online Marketing News: LinkedIn Links The UK, Google Patents Marketer Replacement, Facebook Enters The Stadium

Posted on Jan 22nd, 2016
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  • Online Marketing News: LinkedIn Links The UK, Google Patents Marketer Replacement, Facebook Enters The Stadium
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    Top 16 SEO Tips

    Top 16 Most Effective Search Engine Optimization Tips [Infographic] – SEO is a dynamic industry which requires keen observation and consideration in any kind of on-page changes, off-page activities or link-building strategies. The above infographic takes into account the “Top 16 effective Search Engine Optimization tips” recommended by Ahrefs. Social Media Today

    Report: Retailers Missing Cross-Channel Personalization Opportunity – According to the 2016 Yesmail Channel Report, retailers are missing out on many opportunities for cross channel promotion and reactive marketing campaigns. SocialTimes

    Google Announces “Real-Time Ads” So Marketers Can Jump On The Next Left Shark Moment – To help marketers take advantage of “micro-moments” — those events that everyone starts talking about — Google is today announcing online Real-Time Ads. Google

    Yahoo to Share 13.5 Terabytes of User Data With Universities – Yahoo announced what it calls the largest-ever public release of a machine learning dataset, some 13.5 terabytes worth of user interactions on the news feeds of assets such as Yahoo News, Sports, Finance, Movies, and Real Estate. But digital marketers shouldn’t get too excited just yet. For now, Yahoo is offering the huge data dump only to the academic research community. Direct Marketing News

    New Photo Upload Options for Facebook Page Admins – Facebook page administrators may soon have a variety of ways to upload photos to their pages. Clicking on photo/video in pages’ status update composers now brings up four options. SocialTimes

    LinkedIn Hits 20 Million Members In The UK – This week LinkedIn announced that more than 20 million people are now using LinkedIn in the UK – that’s nearly 60% of the UK’s student and working population – which means access to even more connections; career possibilities; and business opportunities for their members. LinkedIn

    Google Files Patent To Replace Social Media Marketers – Google is playing the social card–again. The company was just issued a patent yesterday that hints at a system that will keep it relevant within the social game, this time, in assessing trends that will help users, companies, and brands tailor their social media posts according to copy that often resonates to drive engagement across social media shares. Marketing Land

    Nielsen Adds Facebook TV Conversation Data to Renamed Social Content Ratings – Ratings measurement giant Nielsen is adding conversation data from Facebook to its Nielsen Twitter TV Ratings, rechristening it as Nielsen Social Content Ratings. SocialTimes

    Google Adds AMP Error Report In Search Console – More and more sites are implementing Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) for news content, so we’ve decided to provide a preview of error reports in Search Console to help you get ready for the upcoming official AMP launch and get early feedback from you. You can find these reports under Search Appearance – Accelerated Mobile Pages. The goal here is to make it easier to spot issues in your AMP implementation across the whole website. Google

    Facebook Launches Sports Stadium – Today we’re launching the Facebook Sports Stadium, a dedicated place to experience sports in real-time with your friends and the world. Facebook

    Facebook Tests New Web Browser for Flagship Mobile Apps – Facebook appears to be testing a new Web browser for its flagship mobile applications. BBC journalist Henry Wilmer shared the image below in a tweet shared by The Next Web. SocialTimes

    From our Online Marketing Community:

    In response to No Joke: These 5 Comedy Principles Can Improve Your Social Media MarketingTom said, With the use of this article I can now easily connect with my readers. It is a mind opener for me to creat a bond to the readers and make them enjoy reading my blogs. This is a great challenge to connect with your readers but when you’re into it i know it will go smoothly. Your tips are a great help!”

    And on Having Trouble Connecting With Influencers? 4 Influencer Marketing Questions to Ask Before Your Next AttemptDutch shared, “My most successful outreach has been one question on Twitter asking genuine opinions about their pick for best in class products. When they invetiably answer with a competior’s name, I follow up with a question on thoughts about three of their competitors, including my company. Gets us on thier radar at a minimum and almost always get an answer. Then, adjust accordingly.”

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    Infographic: Social Media Today