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Online Marketing News: IRS Trusted More Than Facebook, Up & Down of Social Service, Analytics Out of Beta

Posted on Apr 11th, 2014
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  • Online Marketing News: IRS Trusted More Than Facebook, Up & Down of Social Service, Analytics Out of Beta
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    6 Types Social Sharer

    Customer Service Inquiries Up 44 Percent on Twitter — But Response Times Are Down – While many brands are getting better at engaging audiences on social media, customer service still presents a challenge. According to a Simply Measured Analytics about how top brands use Twitter for customer service, mentions of dedicated customer service accounts on are up 44 percent but the average response time is down 10 percent. SocialTimes

    6 Types Of Social Sharer [Infographic] – According to a NY Times study, we all fall into 6 broad categories of online sharer. The following infographic by StatPro explains these in greater detail and is a precursor to an interactive quiz which asks “What kind of sharer are you?” Infographic Journal

    Google Moves Universal Analytics Out Of Beta – Since first being offered in October of 2012, Google announced today Universal Analytics is now out of beta, making all the features, reports and classic analytics tools — including remarketing and audience reporting — available to everyone. Marketing Land

    Survey: IRS, NSA, Google More Trusted With Personal Information Than Facebook – The results should be taken with a grain of salt, as the survey size was only 1,003 people, but a poll conducted by Reason-Rupe found that respondents trusted Facebook with their personal information far less than they trusted the IRS, the National Security Agency, or Google. AllFacebook

    41% Of Marketers Incorporate Social Media Into Their Email Campaigns [STUDY] – Four in 10 marketers worldwide integrate social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook into their email marketing campaigns, reveals a new study. AllTwitter

    67% Of Americans Use Social Media (With One In Six Active On Twitter) [STUDY] – Two thirds of Americans have a profile on one or more social networks, reveals a new study, with about one in six (16 percent) using Twitter. AllTwitter

    46% Of Online Seniors Use Social Media (But Just 6% Are On Twitter) [STUDY] – Use of social media sites by American internet users aged 65 and over has risen sharply over the past five years, with almost half (46 percent) of all online senior citizens now active on one or more social networks, reveals new data from Pew Research. AllTwitter

    Top Trends in Content Marketing Hiring [Infographic] – Some 54.2% of marketing teams plan to hire content marketers in the next year, according to a recent Kapost survey of 500 global marketers. So, what traits do companies want in their content marketers? MarketingProfs

    Turns Out Social Media Use During TV Shows Is Actually Really, Really Small [STUDY] – Much has been made of Twitter’s impact on television – and vice versa – but a new study has suggested that the vast majority of people don’t use social media whilst watching TV, and those that do usually aren’t tweeting about what they’re watching. AllTwitter

    Display To Eclipse Paid Search Ad Spend In 2016, Mobile Set To Become 4th-Largest Ad Medium – Spending on display advertising will soon overtake paid search. That’s according to ZenithOptimedia’s latest global advertising forecast. Marketing Land

    New Research Shows Which Social Networks Ideal for Marketers – Which platforms are most relevant to social media marketing right now? Marketers need to know where (and how) they should focus their efforts for maximum ROI. Social Media Examiner

    Just 42% of Companies Are Able To Measure Customer Lifetime Value – For companies looking to improve retention rates, customer lifetime value (CLV) is a crucial concept, but one which companies find hard to measure. Econsultancy’s new Building Loyalty and Driving Revenue in the Digital Age report looks at this issue in more detail. Econsultancy

    From our Online Marketing Community:

    From The Hashtag Test: Best and Worst Practices for Social Media Marketers, firstvehicle said, “Great summary, thanks. The worst offence in our view is using too many hashtags, especially in a short-form medium like Twitter. And if we may, #myfvl. ;-)”

    @mikezuganelis added, “Guilty as charged for the overuse (at times) of hashtags. I vow to remove myself from that category of Hash-hole. lol”

    On 10 Mobile Apps, No Make That 49, That Make Our Day, Barbara Mckinney shared, “I’m using some of these apps almost every day but I have to admit that there are also some apps that are new to me and I can’t wait to check them out soon. Thanks for sharing this very informative article Lee!”

    And on 5 Steps to Content Marketing Awesome – You Can Do This!, Ryan Biddulph shared his thoughts. “Lee, 3 is dead on. Listen in. I build each post around some question or concern my market has expressed in the past. Even if the post wasn’t based on a specific question, posed through my comments, I see similar questions arising on other blogs. Example; in 40 minutes I’ll write my post for the day. Bright and early here in Thailand 😉 I’m covering a topic related to releasing energy vampires and replacing them with energy angels.”

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