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Online Marketing News: Google+ Gathers Collections, Mobile Beats Desktop, Pinterest Pins New Platform

Posted on May 8th, 2015
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  • Online Marketing News: Google+ Gathers Collections, Mobile Beats Desktop, Pinterest Pins New Platform
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    Evolution Of Lifecycle Marketing

    Turn Leads Into Brand Advocates in 4 Steps [Infographic] – Social media marketing provides many opportunities for lead generation, sale conversion, and creating engaged brand advocates. An new infographic from Bluenose, a customer success platform provider, demystifies lifecycle marketing and shows marketers each step in the journey. SocialTimes

    Study: Accurate Location Can Boost Mobile Conversions By More Than 2X – Mobile ad platform Thinknear’s latest location accuracy report contains a variety of findings about the impact of location accuracy on consumer behavior and ad performance. Overall, the report says that the availability of location for mobile display campaigns is expanding but geo-accuracy is being diluted or degraded by a new influx of programmatic impressions. Marketing Land

    YouTube’s Mobile Growth Reaches 80 Percent – YouTube’s CEO says daily users are up by more than 40 percent year-over-year, while mobile growth reaches 80 percent. ClickZ

    Bing Now Showing Mobile Friendly Label In Mobile Results – If you search using Bing on your mobile device, Bing may now start labeling mobile-ready web pages as mobile-friendly, similar to Google. Search Engine Roundtable

    Mobile-Only Internet Users Surpass Desktop-Only Users For First Time Ever – ComScore reports that, for the first time ever, the amount users who use the internet exclusively on mobile devices has exceeded the amount of users who exclusively use desktop devices. Search Engine Journal

    Report: Mobile Display Ads Outperformed Search In Delivering New Customer Calls – A fascinating new report from Marchex analyzed 1.8 million calls to compare the performance of different mobile ad channels in driving new sales prospects in the Financial Services and Insurance categories. The ad channels examined were directories, search engines, Marchex’s “voice search” network and mobile display ads. Marketing Land

    Pinterest Launches Developers Platform – A few days after launching its Marketing Developer Partners program, Pinterest announced its Developers Platform, a suite of application programming interfaces for developers to build apps and integrations. SocialTimes

    Google to Discontinue PageSpeed Services as of August 2015 – Google has announced that, after 4.5 years, the PageSpeed Service team will be “refocusing their efforts” and PageSpeed services will be turned down as a result. Search Engine Journal

    It’s Official: Google Says More Searches Now On Mobile Than On Desktop – Company officially confirms what many have been anticipating for years. Search Engine Land

    Facebook Releases Tools for Audience Network Native Ads – Facebook released a host of tools to ease the creation of native ads for its Facebook Audience Network and allow developers and publishers to reach users outside of the social network. SocialTimes

    Google Enhances Its Social Capabilities With Google+ Collections – The tech giant introduced Google+ Collections today, a tool that allows users to categorize their posts, just like Pinterest. ClickZ

    Google Launches New Mobile Ad Units, Reveals Mobile Search Has Overtaken Desktop – Two bits of news came out of the Google camp this week, both of which are related to mobile search. Find out what they had to say. Search Engine Journal

    What were the top online and digital marketing news stories for you this week?

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    Infographic: Bluenose