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Online Marketing News: Marketer’s Don’t Trust Data, Twitter Carousel and IBM Gets Smarter

Posted on Jun 10th, 2016
Written by TopRank Marketing
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  • Online Marketing News: Marketer’s Don’t Trust Data, Twitter Carousel and IBM Gets Smarter
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    Survey: Most Marketers Use 6+ Measurement Tools But Don’t Trust the Data
    New data has shown that most marketers use six or more measurement tools, but don’t trust the data they’re collecting. As it becomes increasingly popular to employ more than one analytics tool to help determine the ROI of your digital efforts, with 78% of marketers surveyed planning to adopt an attribution solution in the next two years, this comes as somewhat of a surprise. It begs the question, is it the data we can’t trust or the interpretation? Convince and Convert

    Twitter is testing carousel ads again, but a different type
    The carousel is back, and not just at your local carnival. Twitter is testing out carousel ads yet again, allowing advertisers to include up to 20 Tweets. According to Marketing Land: “Brands can pick one of their own tweets, including their ads, to appear in a carousel, but they’re not limited to their own content. They can also pull in tweets from creators who are part of Twitter-owned Niche’s influencer program. And if they get a regular user’s permission, they can include that person’s tweets as well.” This could be a big change for the better for influencer marketers. Marketing Land

    IBM announces Watson-powered ads that think
    IBM’s The Weather Company plans to launch ads this fall that allow consumers to conduct remote, brand-related conversations with their expert computer via text or voice. This is a big development in online advertising, as the medium becomes increasingly smart and interactive. This could mean bigger and better things for marketers who sell complex products, or are generally curious to know what their buyers are really needing to know. Marketing Land

    34% of b2b marketers say email is effective content

    Google launches AdWords conversion data import solution for Salesforce
    Analytics junkies of the world, unite! Google is launching AdWords conversion data for Salesforce, allowing the two platforms to sync natively rather than through various available plugins. This means better reporting — especially the ability to tie campaigns to lead performance. This is a much needed capability between AdWords and Salesforce, and will make a difference for marketers concerned with conversion rate optimization. Search Engine Land

    Streaming Video Spending to Rise by Double Digits This Year
    According to eMarketer, “spending on streaming services will go up by 22% this year compared to 2015. Consumers will spend $6.62 billion on services like Amazon Prime, Hulu and Netflix.” This will surpass DVD sales, making video streaming the most popular consumer method of consuming video. What can this mean for marketers? Investing on advertising on live-streaming platforms could win you more impressions with the new generation of digital media consumers, but the rise of ad-blocking software is still a consideration that needs to be made. eMarketer

    Google testing filter buttons for Shopping ads: Filter by local availability, top rated and more
    In more news from Google, Search Engine Land says: “Google has started testing product filter buttons for product listing ads in the search results, including a special “In Store” filter for Local Inventory Ads. Merkle RKG spotted the test, saying the filter buttons appear to show up when superlatives like “best” or “top” or other qualifying adjectives are not used in the query.” This could be a big win for retailers who sell in store and online. Search Engine Land

    What were your top marketing news stories this week?

    I’ll be back next week with more marketing news and delightful banter. Have something to add? Tweet me @Tiffani_Allen or @toprank!