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Online Marketing News – Goodbye Google Authorship, 1 Minute On Facebook, Videos Dominate

Posted on Jun 27th, 2014
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  • Online Marketing News – Goodbye Google Authorship, 1 Minute On Facebook, Videos Dominate
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    Content Marketing According To Google

    The Marketing Industry According to Google Autocomplete – As you can see in the image above, Google has it’s ideas about what content marketing means.  While we obviously have our own ideas on what online marketing, blogging, and other terms mean, here’s a look a what Google Autocomplete thinks of some common marketing words and phrases.  HubSpot

    With 1 Billion+ Travel Pins, Pinterest Gives Place Search An Upgrade – Forget the idea that Pinterest is all about fashion photos, cute animals and inspirational messages. The company says it’s now hosting more than a billion Place Pins across four million Place Boards. Together, all this represents more than 300 unique countries and territories. Search Engine Land

    Google Removes Authorship Photos and Google+ Circle Counts From Search Results – Yesterday, Google’s John Muller made an announcement that broke marketers’ hearts: Google Authorship’s about to get a makeover. And it’s not the type of makeover that makes you say “ooo” and “ahh” and “how wonderful” — it’s the kind that could impact your search traffic. HubSpot

    What Happens In Just ONE Minute On Facebook [Infographic] – As thousands of new social media users log on every week, the numbers relating to the flow of information on Facebook become ever more staggering. This infographic from SumoCoupon illustrates just how much data is generated in a mere 60 seconds on Facebook. Social Media Today

    Social and Native Ads Are More Effective Than Email, Study Says – Marketers say that social media ads and native promotions are better for brands than email, according to Millward Brown Digital’s study for MediaBrix. AdWeek

    Study: 56% Of Viewers Skip Online Video Ads & 46% Say Any Ad Over 15-Seconds Is Too Long – After surveying viewer engagement with online video and video ads, data provider Adroit Digital found 56 percent of all its survey participants are likely to skip online video ads, while 46 percent said a video ad should be no more than 15 seconds in length. Marketing Land

    Facebook To Revamp Right-Hand-Side Ads Next Week; Warns Advertisers Of Price Hikes – Facebook announced that it will begin rolling out its redesigned right-hand-side ads early next week. The revamp of those ad units was originally announced in April. AllFacebook

    Videos Dominate Universal Search Results 65% of the Time [Study] – Since its inception in 2007, universal search results have have morphed to show a multitude of choices for searchers to choose from, like videos, images, maps, shopping results, and news. In its latest research, Searchmetrics studied the universal search results for millions of keywords over the course of one year (2013) to gauge what has recently changed, and how. Search Engine Watch

    Study: Teens heavily use Facebook, Instagram more often than Snapchat – One of the most pressing questions about Facebook’s future revolves around teen usage. However, a new study by Forrester shows that maybe teens don’t hate Facebook after all. Forrester surveyed more than 4,500 U.S. online users between 12 and 17 about their habits on social networks and apps. Among apps they use “all the time,” both Facebook and Instagram finished ahead of Snapchat. Inside Facebook

    Owned Editorial Content Claims Majority of Media Spend on Mobile [Study] – A recent report from Sharethrough shows that branded editorial content on owned sites has attracted the lion’s share, almost 70 percent, of editorial media spend. ClickZ

    Study: As Facebook reach drops, engagement rises — but not as much for brands – As both paid and organic Facebook reach become harder to come by, many page owners have discovered that engagement has risen or at least remained steady. Inside Facebook

    From our Online Marketing Community:

    In response to the post Curation and Repurposing to Extend the Life of Your Content Marketing, Ben Bradley wrote, “Great post Lee! I think you alluded to this but I am not sure if it was fully called out, one of the biggest benefits of re-purposing content is to get it to fit different distribution channels. For example, what performs on LinkedIn might not work well on Twitter, SlideShare, etc. I also think understanding which content types will fit each buyer persona, at each buy cycle stage, and on which distribution channel those people will be, can help make sure your re-purposing efforts are as efficient as possible.”

    On How SEO and Inbound Marketing Can Grow Your B2B Marketing PerformancePhil Smith shared, “Great post. In my opinion the prime reason businesses fail is because – as outlined in your post – they fail to understand how customers discover information on the web. Get this wrong and the whole inbound marketing process collapses.”

    And in response to the post 12 B2B Content Marketing Examples and Case Studies for 2014, UnveiltheWeb said, “I think the humor and videos are huge! People like to engage with content that either helps them solve a problem or entertains them.”

    What were the top online and digital marketing news stories for you this week?

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