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Online Marketing News: Facebook Gets An Assistant, Tweets Show In Search, Native Beats The Rest

Posted on Aug 28th, 2015
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  • Online Marketing News: Facebook Gets An Assistant, Tweets Show In Search, Native Beats The Rest
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    How & Where Are Brands Placing Their Content Budgets

    The Big Content Spend: How & Where Are Brands Placing Their Content Budgets [Infographic] – In this infographic, we’re taking a look at just how big of an investment companies are putting into content marketing this year. What kinds of brands believe in content, and invest in it as a major form of marketing? What kind of investments are being made? With numbers in the billions, the findings may (or may not) surprise you. Social Media Today

    Twitter Introduces New Audience Platform – Twitter continues to push out updates in its ongoing efforts to improve the functionality of its offerings. Twitter

    Native Videos Beat Out Every Other Video Format on Twitter – Of all branded videos on Twitter, only 31% are posted natively – but those account for 67% of total video engagement. Socialbakers

    Survey: 35% of Users Check Their Phones More than 50 Times Per Day – Delvv, developer of the Glean personalized news reading app, has announced the results of its Delvv Mobile Overload Report which measured the ‘volume of information’ U.S. users experience on their smartphones. SocialTimes

    Is Instagram’s Rapid Growth Slowing Down? Engagement And Follower Growth Down – Summer lull or signs of saturation? A study conducted by Locowise found that overall engagement on Instagram was down 19 percent in July, and that follower growth was down 77 percent. Another recent Pew study noted that Instagram has doubled its community since 2012. Social Media Today

    1 in 3 Marketers Say They Have All The Tech Tools They Need – Fewer than 1 in 10 marketing, sales and business professionals (predominantly B2B) say they have all the marketing technology tools they need and fully utilize what they have, according to a survey from Ascend2.  MarketingCharts

    Google Controls 65 Percent Of Search, Bing 33 Percent — [comScore] – In terms of non-network share, Bing saw a tiny 0.1 percent gain in July, and so did Ask. Google was flat with 64 percent, unchanged for the past three months. Yet Google’s market share is down from 67.6 percent a year ago. Search Engine Land

    Tweets Officially Show In Google Desktop Searches – It looks like Google gives a f**k about Twitter after all, at least a little. The industry continues to speculate on whether or not the search powerhouse may acquire the microblogging platform, but in the mean time, Tweets have started showing up in search results. Search Engine Watch

    LinkedIn Ads Rolls Out New Campaign Management Tool – A newly redesigned LinkedIn ad manager has been rolled out giving paid promoters a much cleaner and more user-friendly way to place their paid spend. Social Media Today

    Facebook Launches M, a Siri-Like Personal Assistant for Messenger – This week Facebook announced its beginning a very small roll out of a digital assistant service that will live within Messenger. The service, called M, is capable of completing tasks and finding information upon request. Facebook

    LinkedIn SlideShare Introduces Clipping, Saving Your Favorite Content Just Got Easier – Clipping enables our users to identify and save the best slides within a presentation to a Clipboard. And deeper integration with LinkedIn identity brings credibility to the content – providing more details on the professional behind the content. There’s so much information at our fingertips today, but it’s often hard to separate the good quality content from the noise. LinkedIn [Client]

    Facebook Finally Gives in and Allows Animated GIFs in Posts and Ads – Facebook is about to get a whole lot noisier… and it’s about time! Finally, Facebook has decided to get with the rest of the Internet program and allow animated GIFs in ads and Page posts. Social Media Today

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    Infographic: Express Writers