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Online Marketing News: Viral Anger, Google Tosses Cookies, Bing Facelift, Offline YouTubing, Pinterest Adds Ads

Posted on Sep 20th, 2013
Written by TopRank Marketing
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  • Online Marketing News: Viral Anger, Google Tosses Cookies, Bing Facelift, Offline YouTubing, Pinterest Adds Ads
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    Tracking Pinterest Metrics
    17 Pinterest Metrics Every Brand Should Track
    – If you’ve ever needed a cheat sheet on the top metrics to track, Branderati and Shareroot created this colorful and helpful Infographic. For more detail, visit SocialMedia Today who created a text version of the content.

    Google Buys Bump to Share Anything Between Your Phone and Laptop – The app allows you to select anything on your phone — photos, files — and transfer it to your computer simply by “bumping” the space bar of your laptop. And, vice versa, you can select just about anything on your computer, bump your space bar, and get it on your phone. VentureBeat

    Bing Brings ‘It On’ With Their Next Design Phase – They state on their blog that they’ve rewritten the underlying code of the search experience in order to respond quickly to the future state of the web and how people use it. They went through thousands of variations of the experience, unveiling a new modern design. We’ve checked it out and think it’s worth a second look. Bing

    Google May Ditch ‘Cookies’ as Online Ad Tracker – Google, which accounts for about a third of worldwide online ad revenue, is developing an anonymous identifier for advertising (AdID) that would replace third-party cookies as the way advertisers track people’s Internet browsing activity for marketing purposes. USAToday

    Most Influential Emotions on Social Networks Revealed  – Anger spreads faster and more broadly than joy, say computer scientists who have analysed sentiment on the Chinese Twitter-like service Weibo. MIT Technology Review

    How Facebook Plans to Make Happen – As part of their program, Facebook, Qualcomm and Ericsson released a 70-page white paper in an effort to provide connectivity to everyone in the world by reducing the cost of delivering data and to make apps that use data more efficiently. Gigaom

    Skype to Roll Out Rich Media and Android Advertising – Skype announced it will launch advertising on Skype for Android later this month, with plans to distribute the ads to 55 global markets within the next several months. ClickZ

    YouTube Soon Viewable Offline – YouTube is getting ready to make an important change, by letting people watch the site’s videos even when they’re not connected to the Internet. All Things Digital

    Ads Coming to Pinterest – Pinterests “promoted pins’ ads will appear near the top of search results and category feeds starting in the next few weeks. Forbes

    12 Must-Read Books To Inspire Your Online Marketing – It’s still all about content. Topping the list, The New Rules of Marketing & PR, a classic only five years after it was first published. David Meeram Scott spawned the next generation of online marketers. Lee Odden’s, Optimize, made the cut, a well-deserved acknowledgement (I might add). Business2Community

    Mobile Strategy for Small Businesses in 3 Easy Steps – Where does a small business begin when embarking on a mobile strategy? Do they opt for an app or a mobile site? And how much does it all cost? After reading this article, it will be clear exactly how you can improve the customer experience and why it’s so critical to have a mobile accessible website. eConsultancy

    TopRank in the News Features Lee Odden in Article on Planning for Social Media Success
    In order to attract and engage social media fans and followers and convert them into customers, you’ need to carefully map out a clear, effective social media strategy. Lee states in this interview that you first need to define how your social media outreach marketing will provide value to your customers. Specifically, think about how you can use social media to solve your customers’ problems. Read the full interview: ‘10 Questions to Ask When Creating a Social Media Marketing Plan

    PR Newswire Features TopRank® Online Marketing at Content Marketing World
    TopRank’s CEO Lee Odden was asked about the future of content on search and social web which the theme of his talk at Content Marketing World (#CMWorld). The future of content is visual, real-time, mobile, human and cross-platform, Lee said; it’s about ‘the art of inspiring feeling.’ Listen to the short video.

    The Future of Content: The Context of Information, Technology and the Human Experience
    Blogger, J-P De Clerck, featured Lee’s holistic approach to content marketing extensively on Content Marketing Experience recently. Technology and especially mobile, social, search and (big) data, will play an essential role. And, as always, it will all be about smart and thus, by definition, connected and customer-centric business. More openness and a more ‘human’ approach is another ongoing evolution Lee sees happening.

    Key Insights on the Future of Content – Liveblog of Lee Odden’s CMWorld Presentation
    Forecasting the future of search and social at Content Marketing World, Lee explored what developments would need to occur in content marketing to ensure strategies remain effective. In Lee’s words, ‘Content isn’t king – it’s the kingdom.’ Therefore strategies need to plan for both the fragmentation and hyper-connectedness of today’s buying journey.  Here’s the full liveblog of Lee’s presentation by Craig Hodges, founder and CEO of King Content.

    From the Online Marketing Community

    On Content Marketing World 2013 Wrap-Up – TopRank Style, Cision NA said, Thank you for the mention, Lee! Love that (almost) everyone in your audience photo is smiling. Can’t wait to dive into the links you shared and the eBook!

    Michele Price said, Lee we enjoy your enthusiasm and commitment to our industry. Looking forward to having you back on #BBSradio soon.

    On ‘How to Use Email Marketing to Engage & Convert Customers,’ Amy Smith said, I am sure this post has helped me save many hours of browsing other similar posts just to find what I was looking for.

    On ‘How to Dominate Search Results With Your Brand – Brian Clark Tells All,’ Julia Borgini said, I too, am impressed when I come across a client or prospect that hasn’t even considered SEO in their content marketing strategy. Sure, it’s not the be-all-&-end-all, but it’s got to be included in the overall strategy. I totally agree with Lee’s quote that content has to be found to be consumed. Otherwise you’re just talking to yourself. haha Thanks for summarizing this session. I attended it and liked the concept of the Cornerstone. I’ll be making sure to include this on my own site, as well as in my client work.

    What’s Your Take?

    Bump technology is a cool concept but I’m curious about adoption rates or whether Google bought it just to shutter it. Thoughts? Then, there’s the new Bing. Will its latest design challenge Google as a better user experience? What do you think the future of content marketing will be?

    Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!