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Online Marketing News: Facebook Fiends, Snapchat Ads, Goodbye Fake Likes

Posted on Oct 10th, 2014
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  • Online Marketing News: Facebook Fiends, Snapchat Ads, Goodbye Fake Likes
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    Marketers Twisted Cross Channel Attribution

    Marketers’ Twisted Cross-Channel Attribution [Infographic] – Linking customer data points can sometimes feel like playing a game of Twister. With so many on- and offline customer touchpoints, the pressure to connect the dots can leave marketers feeling red in the face or blue with defeat. Check out the infographic above to see how marketers are connecting the dots. Direct Marketing News

    Report: We’re Spending 49% More Time in Social Media Apps vs. Last Year – Do you feel more social than you did a year ago? Or at least more mobile? Localytics, a mobile marketing and analytics platform, took a a closer look to see how mobile app engagement has intensified over the last 12 months. Our time spent on mobile apps now exceeds our time spent on desktop browsing. SocialTimes

    Social Media Ad Spend Share Worldwide [STUDY] – North America will account for 42.3 percent of all social network advertising expenditure in 2014, ahead of Asia-Pacific (29.2 percent) and Europe (22.4 percent), reports eMarketer. AllTwitter

    REPORT: U.S. Adults Avg. 21 Minutes/Day on Facebook – Adults in the U.S. will spend an average of 21 minutes per day on Facebook in 2014, or 6 percent of their digital time, but 10 percent of U.S. digital ad spending goes to the social network, whereas in other digital media categories, U.S. adults’ digital time usage percentages are higher than digital ad-spending percentages, according to new data from market researcher eMarketer. AllFacebook

    The Majority of All Social Media Users are From Outside the United States [STUDY] – Almost nine in 10 of Twitter’s active users are located outside the United States, reports GlobalWebIndex. AllTwitter

    Study: Facebook Fans Who Interact With The Brand Page Make For Higher-Paying Consumers – How valuable are Facebook fans? YetiData and Collective Bias conducted a four year-long study of a major grocery store’s Facebook page (150,000 fans), discovering that Facebook fans of the store on average bought 125 more items than a typical customer — a 35 percent rise. AllFacebook

    Snapchat Ads Are Coming Soon, Says CEO Spiegel – Snapchat, the startup that raised money this year at around a $10 billion valuation without any revenue, will start making money from advertising soon. AdAge

    Study Shows CTRs A False Metric For Mobile Ad Performance – A new mobile advertising study, commissioned by xAd and carried out by Nielsen, holds some important and perhaps surprising findings for marketers. Many people have long known that the click-through (CTR) is not a very useful metric for display ads and mobile display ads in particular. This study proves it. Marketing Land

    Study: Retargeting on Facebook & Display Leads to Greater CTR – While retargeting is a growing trend on Facebook, a new study by Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer Marin Software shows that brands who serve these kinds of ads both on the social network and through display tend to have more success than those who retargeted only on one or the other. InsideFacebook

    Report: 45 Percent Made Retail Purchase After Seeing Mobile Ads – Mobile advertising platform NinthDecimal released its Q2 “audience insights” report. The findings are focused on retail and contain a number of useful insights for marketers. Marketing Land

    Where Are Marketers Planning to Spend Their Holiday Budgets? [Infographic] – As the holiday season approaches, marketers are gearing up for their campaigns. Just like the pumpkin spice must flow, so must the marketing dollars. A new infographic from Oferpop makes a few predictions about 2014 holiday marketing trends. SocialTimes

    Facebook Clamps Down on Fake “Likes” to Protect Businesses – The social network is tackling scammers who seek to produce fake Likes. Facebook is tightening its security rules and using machine learning to spot suspicious behavior in a bid to clamp down on “Like” scams that hurt businesses through fraudulent activity. ClickZ

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    From What is the Future of Content for B2B Marketing? Find out at #MPB2B, Kostas Chiotis said, “Some great thoughts here Lee, I especially have to agree with this – “Quality will crush quantity in content marketing.””

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