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Online Marketing News: WordPress Powers The Web, Google Goes Live, Snapchat Through A New Lens

Posted on Nov 20th, 2015
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  • Online Marketing News: WordPress Powers The Web, Google Goes Live, Snapchat Through A New Lens
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    Advertising To Millennials

    How Much are Marketers Spending on Millennials? A Lot! [INFOGRAPHIC] – According to the infographic, created by and based on data gathered from Turn, an advertising technology company, marketers are spending 500% more on millennials than every other group combined. As Swant puts it, “there are 75 million millennials in the U.S., and everyone knows advertisers are infatuated with the idea of winning over the biggest buying bloc.” Turn

    Report: National Geographic Is the No. 1 Brand on Social Media – New data from Shareablee, shows which publishers fared best on social during Q3, and the impact of wider video adoption. SocialTimes

    Study: Retailers Are Ignoring More Than 80% Of Customers’ Social Media Requests – Sprout Social finds most merchants fail to respond to consumer questions on Facebook and Twitter, a problem compounded during the holiday shopping season when the volume of requests increases. Marketing Land

    Study: Pinterest Ad Spend Has Skyrocketed — Up Nearly 8X Since January – One of the hottest ad formats of 2015 can’t be found on Facebook or Twitter. Stats provided to SocialTimes by 4C Insights show that clients’ ad spend on Pinterest has far more than quadrupled since January — a rise of 7.7 times. SocialTimes

    Google Now Rank Apps Without Web Content & Can Stream Apps Without Installing Them – Google announced incredibly important news not just for SEOs but for the future of their index and ranking reach. Google is now ranking content within apps that do not have web content matches. Google

    WordPress Used On 25 Percent Of All Websites [Report] – W3Techs says WordPress’s two closest competitors combine for less than five percent usage across the web. Marketing Land

    Survey: Nearly 40% of Mobile Users Hesitant to Use Location Services – Mobile location network Skyhook Wireless has released the results of a recent survey of 1,000 mobile users, focused on consumer opinion surrounding location-based services and apps on mobile devices. The results indicated 83 percent of users say location services are ‘vital’ to an app, but nearly 40 percent of users hesitate to share their location data, due to a number of concerns. SocialTimes

    Bing Releases Its Mobile-Friendliness Test Tool – Already transparent about its approach to mobile-friendly search, Bing has now released a tool for validating whether or not your site meet’s the search engine’s criteria for mobile-friendliness. Bing

    Facebook Continues to Outpace Google in Click-Through Rates – Facebook’s focus on providing higher-quality impressions for its advertisers is paying off, according to the latest research from Adobe Digital Index. SocialTimes

    Google Launches New “Live Blog” Carousel – Publishers can now markup content with live blog schema so that it will be displayed via Google’s newest carousel. Google

    A New Study Says Quitting Facebook Makes People Happier – Does going through your Facebook feed ever give you a sinking feeling that you aren’t having as much fun as everyone you know? Why are they so successful? Are they always on vacation? How do they all look good in bathing suits? Would quitting Facebook make you happier than you are now? A new study says it would. Happiness Research Institute

    Snapchat Introduces Paid Lens Store, Verified Accounts – Snapchat has released its latest update on mobile devices, introducing a paid Lens Store and ‘Official Stories’ to the platform. SocialTimes

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    Infographic: Turn