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Online Marketing News: 15 Eye Popping Social Shopping Stats, Thanksgiving Social Media Facts, Killing Content Marketing Myths

Posted on Nov 22nd, 2013
Written by TopRank Marketing
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  • Online Marketing News: 15 Eye Popping Social Shopping Stats, Thanksgiving Social Media Facts, Killing Content Marketing Myths
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    Tips From Women Who Have Broken the Glass Ceiling – Barri Rafferty, Senior Partner and CEO, Ketchum North America, kicks off the ‘Real Women Fostering Women’s Leadership’ now in its fifth year. Hear the most dynamic women in the digital marketing world discuss overcoming obstacles. Women rock at TopRank! CommPro

    Just 71% of Companies Test Their Websites – Companies whose conversion rates have improved carry out 50% more tests on their websites than companies whose conversion didn’t improve. However, 7% are testing nothing at all. eConsultancy

    Digital Marketing Tactics for 2014 – This article examines a few trends that must be taken into consideration for any digital marketing endeavor in 2014, including visual content, Google+ and SlideShare and 3D printing. Social Media Today

    Google Upgrades Adwords Opportunities Tab – The improved opportunities section will hopefully provide more clarity to advertisers on ways they can enhance their pay-per-click campaigns to get more out of their existing budget. Search Engine Roundtable

    10 Lessons Content Marketing Writers Can Learn From Journalists – Content marketing writers must now have the blended skills of both a marketer and a journalist. Here are 10 critical journalism tips for the marketing writer’s success. Social Media Today

    Thanksgiving InfographicSocial Media Thanksgiving Facts – [Infographic] What would the holiday be without a visual display of all the updates about Thanksgiving dinner. Out of more than 150,000 tweets and updates, stuffing was ranked #1 with more than 38,000 mentions, way ahead of its nearest rival, mashed potatoes!

    15 Eye-Popping Stats about Social Shopping – It’s not even Thanksgiving yet, but that’s no matter. The holiday shopping season starts earlier and earlier every year: Walmart is starting Black Friday on Thursday this fall – smack dab in the middle of turkey dinner. These numbers will prove the influence social media has on pockets and profits. Digiday

    Pinterest Rolls Out New APIs to Showcase Top Pinned Items on Partner Websites – Pinterest is rolling out its initial set of APIs, partnering with a number of companies that have already started featuring popular Pins on their websites, including Top Pins API, Domain Search, Most Recent and Related Pins. MarketingLand

    News Use Across Social Media Platforms – How do different social networking websites stack up when it comes to news? How many people engage with news across multiple social sites? And what are their news consumption habits on traditional platforms? Read the latest social media and news analysis. Pew Research Center

    Effective Content Marketing on Google Plus: 5 Tools to Measure Success – If you’re among the marketers who are still figuring out the best way to use Google+, use these 5 tools to measure your effective content marketing efforts. Content Marketing Institute

    Google+ & SEO: How Google+ Impacts Search Results – The author writes that the personalization impact is quite strong and that Google+ posts themselves can rank in the SERPs. This is already a compelling reason to engage in Google+, especially if there is a real audience for you there. Are you optimizing for Google+ yet? Search Engine Watch

    Survey: The Value of a Follower for SMEs – Twitter recently posted the results of a survey on their blog to demonstrate the potential importance of the blue bird Network for Subject Matter Experts (SME). The findings are worth noting: 85% of followers feel more connected with an SME after following their profile. Do you have a content outreach strategy for influencers in your industry? SocialBro

    7 Marketing Tips from Content Marketing All-Stars – Following another successful MarketingProfs B2B Forum, here are some takeaways from this panel session of digital marketing pros, including Lee Odden! ExactTarget

    Study: Tweets With Images Generate Huge Engagement – A recent study found that tweets with images received 18 percent more clicks, 89 percent more favorites, and 150 percent more retweets. SproutInsights

    5 Content Marketing Myths That Need to Die – In 2013 content marketing has finally progressed from a buzzword to a legitimate mainstream marketing strategy, and we can expect more validation in 2014. If you’re a brand, thinking about investing in content marketing, don’t fall for any of these content marketing misconceptions. Search Engine Watch

    LinkedIn Showcase PageLinkedIn Introduces Showcase Pages – Showcase Pages are dedicated content hubs enabling businesses to extend their Company Page presence, effectively segmenting audiences and enabling businesses to deliver the best message to the right audiences. This represents another great opportunity for businesses to well, showcase, their content. Social Fresh

    7 Ways Your Content Can Increase Facebook Engagement – Recently, members of Stanford University and the University of Pennsylvania released their findings from a study on the effect of social media content on customer engagement. Here are key points from their findings and some recommended actions you can take as a result. Search Engine Watch

    How to Generate B2B Leads With Content Marketing – Though there are a number of strategies businesses can employ to garner leads, 91 percent of B2B marketers generate leads with content marketing. Read about the different approaches your business can take. MarketingLand

    Holiday Engagement Goes Mobile in 2013 – [Infograhic] This visual from Sparked, a company specializing in expanding mobile engagement, discusses some of the behavior patterns that are changing – like Webrooming and Showrooming. Marketing TechBlog

    From the Online Marketing Community

    From 5 Tips You Should Be Leveraging for Event-Based Content Creation Sarah Bauer said, Sometimes the intimidation factor of the room can stop you from getting started on a piece. That’s why it’s useful to turn off Twitter for the first half hour (so many utterly brilliant brains!) and dive in. Trust that you’re consuming and relaying the information in an interesting, intelligent way. Adopt a hyper-confident sense of self to get you through the “getting started” with live-blogging!

    From Content Marketing With Microsites: Pros, Con, Examples & Best Practices Lee Blue said, It seems like a nice middle ground, especially for smaller businesses, might be highly targeted landing pages. The quote from MarketingSherpa about landing pages improving conversions by 40% was very interesting and compelling. Spinning up an entirely new microsite with its own domain name and everything might not be technically difficult or expensive but getting traffic to it can be quite a challenge for smaller businesses.

    From B2B Social Media Marketing Trends & Tips for 2014 Barbara Mckinney said, The important things that we need to consider to achieve our success in 2014 is still the same. Marketers have to focus on how to engage with their customers and help them solve their problems.

    What’s Your Take?

    What can content marketers learn from journalists? How influential has social media become to sales? Are you following subject matter experts? If so, what’s been your experience?

    Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!