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Online Marketing News: 7 Social Media Sins, Matt Cutts Warns on Links, Rise of Vine

Posted on Jun 7th, 2013
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  • Online Marketing News: 7 Social Media Sins, Matt Cutts Warns on Links, Rise of Vine
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    Gluttony, sloth, greed, wrath, lust, envy and pride. Most of us know that committing these sins is wrong. The rest of us were terrified into acknowledging that committing these sins is wrong by Kevin Spacey years ago. So if we know that something is wrong in the real world, why do so many continue to follow the path of the wicked online? Start your Friday off on the path of the righteous by avoiding these seven deadly social media marketing sins, as preached by XPLAIN.

    In Other Online Marketing News…

    Warning From Matt Cutts: Paid Advertorial Links Are Still Paid Links
    Advertorial links, dressed up pretty to look like content, are appearing in greater frequency throughout the web. But just because it feels like content and looks like content, doesn’t mean it smells like content. And if you are considering this tactic, ensure you heed the warning of Matt Cutts in this new video, and avoid the risk of emitting a foul odor to the bots. ClickZ

    Twitter Releases Vine For Android Smartphones As It Tops 13M Users
    If you are an Android user, and have a short attention span, you are in luck! Correlating with an impressive rise to 13 million users, comes the Vine for Android app. Check it out now. TechCrunch

    Google+ Trumps Twitter, Earning Second Place for Total US Social Networkers
    Don’t let any lingering perceptions of a lackluster start paint you the fool. Among both women and men, Google+ has leapt into second place in a list encompassing all US social account holders. eMarketer

    Study: 76% Of Executives Believe CEOs Should Be Utilizing Social Media Channels
    And when we get this number to 100%, we will truly see a business landscape marked by unprecedented success. Marketing Land

    Study: 85 percent of US Tweens Are On Facebook Without Any Supervision
    And when we get this number back down to 50%, we will see a parenting landscape marked by unprecedented sighs of relief. NBC News

    Solving Mystery of Mobile Safari Traffic – Ironically – Does Not Lead To Solution
    For months, online publishers have seen mobile Safari traffic coming into their site as direct referrals. Are you shocked to find out that it’s something as simple as a meta referrer tag? Are you equally disappointed to learn that knowing this, unfortunately, does not result in you seeing this traffic? Search Engine Land

    Salesforce To Acquire ExactTarget for $2.5 Billion
    By far, Salesforce’s biggest acquisition to date. All Things D

    Are Content Curators The New Editors?
    The question is intriguing. This article is absolutely compelling. EContent Magazine

    Google AdWords Enhanced With Image Extensions
    PPC visual results are expanding beyond simply product ads with the beta for Image Extensions in AdWords. Search Engine Land

    [Infographic] How Companies Organize For Content Marketing Success
    Content marketing is the go-to marketing priority for 2013. See how this plots out in terms of tasks and ownership. Content Marketing Institute via

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    No trip to the beach this summer is complete without a pair of Ray-Bans, plenty of sunscreen, a frisbee – and of course – Optimize. Just this week, synthesio named Optimize to its 2013 Social Media Summer Reading List.

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