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Posted on Mar 3rd, 2004
Written by Lee Odden
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    Google Dance. This is sort of old info for those of us in the SEO industry by now, but it’s not a bad take on Googles updates in the past few months. From Media Daily News.

    Sullivan: No One Will Win Search War – Great interview with Danny Sullivan and I agree: increased competition within the search engine space leads to better search performance for users and spreads traffic opportunities for companies. It used to be that a web site could gain excellent amounts of organic listing traffic from any of 5 or 6 top search engines. In the past year or more, it’s been all about Google. If Google makes an update that does not favor a particular site any longer, the vast majority of traffic is lost. With multiple primary sources of organic listing traffic, any one engine is not as critical to a site’s success. From ClickZ News

    Application for Yahoo CAP Program – Content Acuisition Program makes it easier for deep or dynamic content–material on web pages less readily discovered by search engine crawlers–to get into Yahoo‚Äôs index for potential inclusion in search results. From Internet Retailer