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Online Marketing News: Olympics Have Gone Social, Facebook Clicks From Bots, Improve Search Ranking Via Social Media, Download Twitter History

Posted on Aug 3rd, 2012
Written by TopRank Marketing
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  • Online Marketing News: Olympics Have Gone Social, Facebook Clicks From Bots, Improve Search Ranking Via Social Media, Download Twitter History
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    OTL: Twitter Olympics

    The broadcasting of this years Olympics has been nothing short of disasterous.  NBC is not reporting the Olympic games in real time and part of the reason is to protect the interest of advertisors and sponsors.  The term #NBCFAIL has even begun trending on Twitter.  Social media is riddled with the mistakes and blunders made by the company in the past weeks. There are now discussions to place restrictions placed on Olympian’s tweets – to avoid the “cat getting out of the bag” before the news is broadcasted.

    Top Online News of the Week

    Company Says 80% of Their Facebook Ad Clicks Were From Bots
    After becoming frustrated with Facebook advertising Limited Run has decided to ditch their Facebook page altogether.  Limited Run found that they could only verify about 20% of the clicks that were supposedly being converted to users showing up on it’s website.  Via Cnet.

    How Microsoft Will Profit Off Webmail Without Reading Your Inbox
    Microsoft is taking on Gmail!  In order to effectively target users Gmail scans emails and presents ads related to the content of the messages.  This practice has alienated some potential users.  Find out what Microsoft is is doing to battle the web-mail giant.  Via Wired.

    LinkedIn on Password Theft 
    According to LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner the recent password thefts of users haven’t hurt the company’s growth.  Their numbers seem to be backing up the CEO’s claims.  Within the last quarter alone LinkedIn has added 13 million new members, bringing their total to 174 million members.  Via TechCrunch.

    Facebook: 85% of Our Users Are Creating Content
    Facebook is now claiming to have roughly 955 million active monthly users.  In a recent interview, Robert D’Onofrio shared that about 85% of those monthly active users are creating some form of content.  Via AdAge.

    Gold Medal News From The TopRank Team

    A Trojan Horse to Infiltrate Facebook?  Google Purchases Wildfire
    As the overall perception of Google+ continues to position it in the ‘social media also-ran’ category, and as Google continues to be unable to connect to the API’s of popular social networks, the search giant may have found another way to play socially.  In this story by Kate Kaye of ClickZ, we learn more about Google’s acquisition of social media campaign management firm Wildfire.  While it is not clear yet exactly what will come of this relationship, Kaye suggests that Wildfire could serve as a Trojan horse into Facebook, helping act as the bridge between Google and the social data it craves. Via ClickZ.

    Winning the Election is Just a Matter of Four Screens
    In an election year, we all tend to be more aware of the news buzz than usual, no matter what our political affiliations are. Find out more about how that “buzz” translates into our digital world in an age of tablets, smart phones and laptops and how political combatants should be using them to their advantage in a constantly connected era.  Via Marketing Pilgrim.

    Facebook testing ‘Save for Later’ Feature
    Facebook is testing a new feature for both desktop and mobile, Save for Later will allow a user to add stories to a ‘Save’ folder similar to adding a tweet to your Favorites on Twitter however Facebook users won’t be notified when and if something they post is saved.  As with other features Facebook has tested, it looks like there is no assurance this will be rolled out beyond the test phase at this point.  Via Mashable.

    Grammar, Social Media, and You:  11 Common Mistakes to Avoid
    I admit that in the heat of feverish text messaging and sharing, I go against my own grain and use improper grammar and punctuation and bank on people getting the gist.  This epidemic has been the subject of several news stories lately.  Not only has the age of texting shown itself on grammar tests in schools, but bad grammar can prevent you from getting a job, overshadows the level of knowledge we as professionals should convey, and can show (or result in) a lack of respect from your audience.  Let’s take a moment to reflect on what we learned in school and make our English teachers proud!  Via InformationWeek.

    Facebook Casebook: A Free Facebook Case Study Resource
    Lat week Facebook reported that 84% of its overall revenues come from advertising.  As Facebook strives to add products and services to meet demands of advertisers there are many brands that are utilizing Facebook in a variety of ways to engage customers, generate sales leads, and boost sales revenue.  Via ClickZ.

    Tips for Improving Search Ranking Through Social Media
    Post Panda traditional link acquisition efforts have been de-emphasized by many online marketers in place of social links. The question for many is ‘how do I use social to improve your search rankings?’ Social Media Examiner aims to answer that question in this post. Spoiler alert: quality content is the foundation.  Via Social Media Examiner.

    Twitter Home to Majority of 10 Million+ Monthly Global Big Brand Mentions [Report]
    Find out which 10 brands with the most mentions worldwide, which channels are experiencing the most growth among the Fortune 100 and why companies are starting to create several accounts within the same network.  Via Search Engine Watch.

    You’ll Soon Be Able to Download ALL Of Your Tweets Directly From Twitter
    Do you have a lot tweets? If you’re a prolific tweeter like I am, you may have noticed that you can’t view more than a few thousand of your tweets. Soon, Twitter will be offering a way for you to download all of your tweets directly from Twitter.  Via mediabistro.

    Time to Weigh In: Do you think that there should be a ban placed on Olympian’s which would restrict them from posting information about wins or losses?  If you’re an avid Gmail user, are you bothered by the ads that appear in the banner of your inbox?  Will you be taking advantage of Twitters new option to download your tweets, what do you see as the benefits of this option?