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Online Marketing News: Retail + Big Data, Fans Love Brands, Slideshare Generates Leads

Posted on Jan 11th, 2013
Written by TopRank Marketing
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  • Online Marketing News: Retail + Big Data, Fans Love Brands, Slideshare Generates Leads
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    The Retailers Guide to Big Data Monetate

    The Retailer’s Guide to Big Data

    The explosion of mobile and social media has changed the ways that retailers view customer data. This recent infographic from Monetate takes a dive into big data and presents challenges, goals, and tips for developing a big data game plan.

    Google To Hire More Help, Users Enticed To Search While Signed In
    Google is determined to see G+, local search, and personalized search succeed. To that end, they’re hiring a new product marketing manager for search. This person would be responsible for developing plans, creatives, campaigns, and programs to increase the number of users that are signed in. Via everythingpr.

    Even Amid Scandal, People Will Defend Their Favorite Brands
    Research finds that even amid scandal many fans will stick by their brand. Even more interesting is that people are actually MORE likely to defend brands even after controversy. This research also found that self-conscious, low self-esteem individuals were most likely to rate companies more favorably after critiques and controversy. Via Mashable.

    How to Generate Leads with Slideshare
    Did you know that Slideshare is the largest content-sharing community for professionals? Slideshare’s traffic is largely driven by search and social networks and should be used as an essential tool in your content marketing toolbox. Via Social Media Examiner.

    How Social Media Changes Buying Behavior
    Many marketers seem to forget the basic principles of social networking. Social media should be used as a means to interact and engage with prospects and customers, not just viewed as a sales acquisition tool. Via InformationWeek.

    How to Write Great Headlines in 55 Characters or Fewer
    Content marketing requires that marketing teams find a way to attract and engage prospects with killer content. An essential piece to great content includes writing headlines to draw in your audience. This article provides some great tips on making your headlines stand out from the competition. Via ragan.

    TopRank Team News

    Brian Larson – In 2013, Expect ‘Not Provided’ to Continue to Rise
    By now it’s no secret that for many industries – including Marketing – Google’s encrypted search accounts for far more than the initial projection of 10% of a website’s organic search traffic. So saying that this number will likely continue to rise is like saying the water is ‘wet’;-). But we may have gotten a glimpse into Google’s goals for 2013 and beyond. For more on what this could mean for future search trends, check out Barry Schwartz’s story on Search Engine Land.

    Jolina Pettice – 9 Mistakes You’re Making on LinkedIn
    Are you using LinkedIn or abusing it? From not sharing to ignoring relevant networks and beyond. Check out these 9 mistakes that are holding you back and what to do instead. Via Inc.

    Rob Bayne – 12 Valuable Tips for Video SEO Beginners
    Are you optimizing your content for the second largest search engine in the world? YouTube is now right behind Google, and if you aren’t using these simple tips to ensure your content is optimized, you’re missing out! Via Search Engine Watch.

    Evan Prokop – 5 Reasons to Leverage Google+ Communities to Influence SEO
    Google + recently rolled out a new Communities feature, which has generated significant attention. Allowing users and brands to interact and discuss niche topics in a forum based setting, Google + communities offer an exciting new channel for companies to engage with the community, promote their brand and establish thought leadership. Via ClickZ.

    Mike Odden – The Do’s & Don’ts of Guest Posting for Major Blogs
    It’s not necessary to be a big name to get published as a guest blogger. Writing himself, on Daily Blog Tips as a guest, author Brett Lindenberg, gives 9 do’s and don’ts advice on how to get published. Via Daily Blog Tips.

    Time to Weigh In: How do you think Google’s logged in search push will have on SEO’s? Is your company active on Slideshare? What sort of topics have you found resonate well with your audience? When it comes to social media, how do you use social channels to engage your customers?