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Online Marketing News: Avoid A Social Crisis, Facebook Job Board, Yahoo! Hack Attack, Kick the Content Slump, Get Creative With Twitter

Posted on Jul 13th, 2012
Written by TopRank Marketing
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  • Online Marketing News: Avoid A Social Crisis, Facebook Job Board, Yahoo! Hack Attack, Kick the Content Slump, Get Creative With Twitter
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    How to Avoid a Social Media Crisis

    This recent infographic from WordViewEditing sums up the best ways to protect your marketing investment via social media.  When a company begins to receive negative backlash on social media it can be a mere matter of minutes before the negative information spreads like wildfire.  Often these crises occur due to a lack of planning when companies haven’t done their due diligence to determine if a social media platform is the best fit for their company, and if they can keep up with the volume of feedback that it generates.

    This Week In Industry Chatter

    Facebook May Be Launching Job Board
    Reports earlier this week from Dow Jones shed light on Facebook’s plan to prepare an aggregate job posting application with data collected from third parties.  At this time Facebook is not commenting on these plans, which leaves even more room for speculation.  If Facebook were to release a job board their 900 million plus users might give LinkedIn a run for their money.  Via Mashable.

    Google+ Rolls Out “Recommendations” Feature For All Users
    At this point every person who uses an Internet browser is aware of the Google +1 button.  However, up until this point there hasn’t been an effective way to communication that information back to site owners so that they could display them in a way that made them useful.  Looks like the Google+ team found a way to make it work!  Via The Next Web.

    The Ripple Effect Makes Waves
    According to a recent report from eMarketer, nearly one-fifth of US Internet users would buy from a brand if a friend followed that company on a social network.  Younger consumers are even more likely to buy based on a “like” they see on a friend’s profile.  Some of the user habits in this study may surprise you.  Via eMarketer.

    Looks Like A Yahoo! is in Store For Hackers
    Nearly half a million Yahoo! user credentials were posted by a hacking group that calls itself D33Ds Company.   The hackers shared that they used a SQL injection attack to grab the credentials but did not specific which Yahoo! service they were extracted from.  Based on the data that was exposed by the hackers, experts believe they were stolen from Yahoo! Voices.  Via Wired.

    Sidestep the Dreaded Content Slump
    How many hours have you wasted staring at a blank screen trying to come up with compelling content?  If you’re like most content marketers the answer to that is, too many to count.  This article helps provide a “Content Creator’s Creativity Cleanse” which is aimed at freeing your mind so the content will flow.  Via CopyBlogger.

    Teaming Up To Bring You the News

    Shawna Kenyon – Twitter Search Gets Smarter, Adds Autocomplete
    Twitter’s improved search function which rolled out last Friday, now performs search for users a variety of ways. The new autocomplete feature is similar to the recommendations that Google provides when you begin typing in your query. Secondly  search queries will provide relevant suggestions for terms where the majority of that conversation is happening on Twitter.   Finally once users have completed their search they are able to filter results by clicking on the Tweets from people you follow.  Via Mashable.

    Brian Larson – Goodbye Links, Hello Social. Right?
    Recently there has been a rise in SEO’s who theorize that social signals are replacing links as a major influencing factor in search. In a post Panda and Penguin world, one can hardly blame anyone for focusing on the importance of strengthening a site’s social signal. However, the idea that social has REPLACED links might be a little premature. Matt Cutts and Search Engine Land’s Danny Sullivan tackle this very subject in a recent interview at SMX Advanced.

    Kodi Osmond – Don’t You Know About the Bird?” Creative Ways to Use Twitter for Business
    Everybody knows that the bird is the word!  As powerful of social sharing and engagement tool as Twitter can be, sometimes the methods we as end users deploy can get a little stagnate. This article showcases 16 ways you can flip the bird and bring new life into your Twitter efforts. Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow.  via Social Media Examiner.
    Time to Weigh In: Do you think Facebook’s potential job board could K.O. LinkedIn’s hold on the social job market? Do you think Yahoo! should take responsibility for user information being hacked?  How should they handle this delacate situation?  What do you think of the new Twitter updates? Win or Fail?