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Online Marketing News: Marissa Mayer Says Yahoo!, Shell Media Disaster, General Mills on Pinterest, Semantic Search A Reality

Posted on Jul 20th, 2012
Written by TopRank Marketing
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  • Online Marketing News: Marissa Mayer Says Yahoo!, Shell Media Disaster, General Mills on Pinterest, Semantic Search A Reality
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    Is Bigger Always Better?

    This recent infographic from Mogreet weighs the effectiveness of “Narrowcast” vs. “Broadcast” as it relates to social and mobile marketing.  In a sea of noise marketers need to know how to get through to their customers.  Highlights include:

    • 98% of all text messages are opened
    • 84% of Facebook news feed stories are not viewed
    • 174 million Americans text daily

    Google’s Marissa Mayer Says Yahoo!
    One of the biggest and most shocking news items this week was Google executive Marissa Mayer transitioning to the new CEO of Yahoo!.  Mayer has been an employee of Google for 14 years and was one of the most public figures for the search engine giant.  I for one am curious to see if she can turn Yahoo’s sinking ship around!  Via CNN.

    Fakers Cause Big Media Fiasco For Shell
    I’m surprised that Shell didn’t speak up sooner.  Greenpeace, an environmental activist group created a fake documentary and subsequent press releases made to look like they were created by Shell.  The theme of the marketing plot (PR trap) was “Shell’s plan for arctic drilling”. The result, a coordinated digital protest meant to parody a large corporation.  Via

    General Mills Sets Sites on Social Engagement
    Fiber One Chewy bars are for children, which means Mothers are the target market for General Mills new product.  General Mills has taken to Pinterest as a means of interacting with and attracting moms across the nation.  Other social channels will also be used to support this product.  Via The New York Times.

    Mobile Marketing to Generate Estimated $15bn A Year by 2017
    Location based applications or local search applications are said to have the easiest time cashing in.  Companies that can offer the best user experience and target appropriately will need to work to differentiate themselves from the rest of the pack.  Via Econsultancy.

    Looks Like A Big Week for Search Engine Watch & Search Engine Land!

    Jolina Pettice – Social Network Visibility in the SERPs for Personal Brand Searches
    It’s not suprising that a brandividual’s visibility is tied to network size and frequency of activity. This study breaks down changes in visibility of a person’s network in search results by network, along with changes over the last 6 months.  Via Search Engine Watch.

    Mike Yanke – A Google-Yahoo! Alliance?
    On the heels of Google executive Marissa Mayer launching her new career as Yahoo! CEO mere days after last clocking in a Google, Search Engine Land reports on another surprising connection between the present and past search giants.  Per this article by Danny Sullivan, Yahoo! is earning so little under its current alliance with Microsoft / Bing that it may be looking for a new partner.  And yes, this could include Google.  Via Search Engine Land.

    Kodi Osmond – Semantic Search: The Eagle Has Landed
    Google’s goal to make the search experience as close to “how humans understand the world” as possible is fast becoming a reality with the transition into semantic search.  Understanding how semantic data is used  – and applying what Google is using to your marketing – are surely a couple of ways to keep yourself ahead of the pack.  Via Search Engine Watch.

    Brian Larson – Google Rolls Out New ‘Latest Links’ Feature Webmaster Tools
    Google announced some big news for those who have been working on a concentrated linkbuilding effort. Effective July 18th, users can download a list of external links found most recently by Google in Webmaster Tools. The benefit here is huge, as filtering through Webmaster Tools link reports in the past has been arduous and difficult to discern which links were recently acquired. Learn more about this feature in this Search Engine Land post from Barry Schwartz.

    Time to Weigh In:  Do you think Marissa Mayers move to Yahoo! will have the desired impact on the failing company? Should Shell Corporation go after the company that launched the marketing attack on their company? Do you believe General Mills is an innovative marketing company, or behind the curve?