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Online Marketing News: Google Analytics Goes Social, Relationship Marketing, 7 Networking Secrets, Facebook Gets Green

Posted on Mar 23rd, 2012
Written by TopRank Marketing
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  • Online Marketing News: Google Analytics Goes Social, Relationship Marketing, 7 Networking Secrets, Facebook Gets Green
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    Social Media Marketing: The long term and short term value with Avinash Kaushik

    This interview from #SESNY features Google evangelist Avinash Kaushik on monitoring social media value.  Kaushik stresses that social media should be about quantifying your efforts.  Companies must determine what they did that ended in specific results, and the economic value that was created due to these efforts. You can see another interview with Avinash Kaushik here on the power of storytelling and web analytics.

    Tips & Tactics for Improving Your Business

    “Why Relationship Marketing is Important for Businesses” This video interview with author and social media guru Mari Smith(@marismith) sheds some light on the notion of “people-to-people” marketing.  In this video you’re learn why businesses must have listening skills and what businesses are doing well in relationship marketing. Via Social Media Examiner.

    “5 Tips to Recruit a Star Candidate”  Sometimes finding the right candidate for an open position isn’t easy, and doesn’t happen quickly.  This article shares 5 very effective tips for “hunting” down candidates that will be the best fit for your organization.  Via Inc.

    “7 Networking Secrets from Silicon Valley’s Greatest Connector”  Pejaman Nozad went from a 23 year old with $700 in his pocket to one of Silcon Valley’s best dealmakers.  A lot of hard work and genius networking has catapulted him to success.  In this article Nozad shares 7 secrets for networking like a pro.  Via Forbes.

    “5 Emails You Should Never Send” Have you ever hit send on an email and immediately regretted doing so?  According to Penelope Trunk emails are obviously an effective way for communicating but there are some best practices when drafting your content.  Via Ragan.

    Online Marketing Team News

    Brian Larson- How A Google Change May Mistakenly Turn Search Traffic Into Referral Traffic
    Google is poised to make some changes to ways it tracks visitor information from users leveraging their web browser, Chrome.  Some are speculating that this is change is Google extending its user privacy, while others have a slightly more aggressive take. Regardless of your interpretation of the intent, everyone should be familiar with this latest update and what it means to your analytics.  Via Search Engine Land.

    Alexis Hall- Search Marketing and Social Media in Regulated Industries
    This post is a great resource for marketers working within regulated industries like pharmaceuticals and healthcare. While some companies within this industry are using a wait and see approach when it comes to social media, this post suggests ways to use search and social media now while remaining compliant.  Via Search Engine Watch.

    Shawna Kenyon- How Facebook Got its Green Back
    Today Facebook released an animated infographic explaining its journey to sustainability. Prior to 2010 the focus was too focused on scaling to make going green a priority, but now Facebook has sustainable data centers, efficient photo storage and even a solar powered campus. Facebook hopes to boost its public image and bolster recruiting efforts with eco-aware talent.  Via TechCrunch.

    Time to Weigh In:  What is your opinion on Google’s take on social analytics?  Do you believe that your company is measuring the metrics that have the largest impact on your bottom line?