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Online Marketing News: Create A Content Matrix, Pinterest Images Tips, Video Ad Strategy, Yahoo Ads Plummet

Posted on Nov 23rd, 2012
Written by TopRank Marketing
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  • Online Marketing News: Create A Content Matrix, Pinterest Images Tips, Video Ad Strategy, Yahoo Ads Plummet
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    Infographic Content Marketing Media Matrix For Small Business

    Content Marketing Media Matrix For Small Businesses

    This new infographic from PRWeb provides a guide to finding what type of content is best for promoting your business depending on your audience as well as you’re services or products.  Use this infographic to find out what will work best for your content marketing strategy.

    DMA Finds Marketers Bullish on Growth of Digital and Direct Marketing
    According to this recent article, 75% of marketers say that they’re bullish about growth prospects for digital and direct marketing.  This is slightly up from a previous survey taken 2nd quarter, in which 72% said that they were bullish about growth prospects.  Via BtoB.

    5 Tips for Creating Pinterest Images That People Love to Share
    Good images on social sites like Pinterest can increase your traffic, get you a higher number of pins and repins, and ultimately improve your presence on Pinterest.  This article shares 5 tips for creating Pinterest-friendly images.  Via Social Media Examiner.

    Yahoo’s Ad Sell-Through Rate on Its Log-in Page Has Plummeted
    A recent report shows that Yahoo’s log-in page – where users sign into their Yahoo services and email – only had an ad present for 47% of the days in the first half of fourth quarter.  Via Adage.

    Longer Online Videos Beg for New Ad Strategy
    Online audiences are not only consuming more and more videos, they’re staying glued to the screen for much longer.  This presents a new opportunity for advertisers and marketers to rethink their ad strategies.  Via ClickZ.

    TopRank Team News

    Reality Check: Is Small Business Saturday Actually Working?
    As we head into the shopping season, we have been discussing with many of our small business clients how to take advantage of Small Business Saturday. From campaigns to email marketing to content; are you counting on Small Business Saturday to drive sales and acquire new customers? Check out this post from Inc. about the inception of this movement and whether it’s proving effective for the small business owner. Via Inc.

    Majestic SEO New Feature: Bucket Lists!  Don’t Just See Links, Manage Them
    If you are doing Penguin analysis, link building, or competitor research, a new feature of MajesticSEO you will probably want to become familiar with is the bucket list.  Similar to making something a favorite or bookmarking, adding a link to your bucket allows you to not only keep track of that link, but also to run bulk reports and comparisons on everything in your bucket.  Via Majestic SEO.

    Are You Paying Too Much for Your PPC Keywords?
    Bid management tools can be critical to keeping SEM costs in check by effectively managing keyword bids. But alas, not all tools are created equal. Search Engine Land analyzes Forrester’s research on the best PPC bid management providers in this post from Chris Sherman. Is your provider on the list?  Via Search Engine Land.

    Marketing and Thanksgiving: A Tempest of Myths and Facts
    When it comes to your metrics and marketing efforts, there is a fine line between fact and myth. This post addresses facts – like the existence of social media ROI – and wraps them up in a metaphorical Thanksgiving themed bow. An excellent read for the holiday, or any day.  Via Adobe.

    Mobile Proves to Be Incredibly Profitable for Auto Dealers
    Summary: A recent study showed that an astonishing 40% of people searching for cars on mobile end up buying a car the same day and 36 percent within the hour.  Interestingly, only 1% of mobile users reported using an auto industry app.  Via Search Engine Watch.

    Time to Weigh In: What types of images have you found appeal most to your Pinterest audience, Facebook Fans, and Twitter Followers?  How do you think Yahoo’s low ad sales will affect the number of people using their service?  Have a safe and happy holiday weekend!