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Online Marketing News: Social Goes Global, Twitter Gets New Digs, Instagram For Business, New Panda Update

Posted on Oct 5th, 2012
Written by TopRank Marketing
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  • Online Marketing News: Social Goes Global, Twitter Gets New Digs, Instagram For Business, New Panda Update
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    The Meaning of Like: How Smart Devices and Social Analytics Are Transforming Retail

    This recent infographic from Symphony Teleca shares some very insightful information on the ways that consumers use devices to make purchasing decisions, and the ways that companies can measure these trends.

    Going Global: Insights for International Social Media
    With more companies receiving service requests from outside the continental US this article examines how best to approach a global social media strategy.  Via Search Engine Watch.

    Google patents smart watch with flip-up display that could reveal everyday objects’ secrets
    The watch would present notifications and other information transmitted from your smartphone at a glance.  There are also claims that the watch could channel a plethora of other Google apps, like Gmail, Goggles, and Maps.  Via engadget.

    Twitter Gets A New Home
    The new office for Twitter boasts approximately 315,000 square feet and includes a spacious cafeteria (dubbed “@birdfeeder”), a Zenlike yoga room, and a rooftop deck for employees to bask in the sun – and even to garden.  Via Inc.

    10 Creative Ways to Use Instagram for Business
    Social sites like Pinterest and Instagram present a unique challenge for businesses. Finding a way to create customized content for these platforms is not always easy.  This article gives marketers 10 creative ways that their business can use Instagram.  Via Social Media Examiner.

    TopRank Team News

    Mike Yanke – Panda Update Goes Live Impacting More than 2% of Searches
    Search Engine Land reported today that a new Google Panda update has gone live impacting nearly 2.4% of English language searches. Still being rolled out as of this writing, this change is due to once again target low quality sites.  Unlike other updates, however, this latest change is an algorithm update, rather than a data refresh, meaning the change is expected to be noticeable.

    Mike Odden – Apple Turning to Select Retail Store Employees to Help Improve Maps for iOS 6
    MacRumors has learned that Apple is piloting a program to tap into its vast number of retail store employees to help improve the company’s new Maps app for iOS 6.  Via MacRumors.

    Shawna Kenyon – Redesigned LinkedIn Brand Pages Are Now Available to All Companies
    LinkedIn announced the revamp of all brand pages to roll out to all companies. These changes will include large cover photo, similar to Facebook and make updates more visible.  Via Mashable.

    Jolina Pettice – Pinterest: 5 Tactics for This Visual Social Media Mecca
    Check out this 5 step strategy to ensure your Pining is on track to yield measurable results.  Via ClickZ.

    Evan Prokop – That’s a First: NASA’s Curiosity Rover Successfully Checks Into Foursquare From Mars
    It’s one small step for Foursquare, one giant leap for social media, as NASA’s Curiosity rover becomes the first to check in from another planet.  Via TechCrunch.

    Brian Larson – Search Engine Taste Test
    Not to be confused with the cheesy cheerleader film, Bing launched the campaign ‘Bing It On’ that allowed participants to compare the search results between Bing and Google. The results may surprise, with 33% of self-proclaimed Google users stating that they would use Bing more based on the head-to-head comparison. As this article from Search Engine Land outlines, searchers say that they’ll change search engines, but whether or not they follow through is a whole different story.  Via Search Engine Land.

    Time to Weigh In: What do you think of Twitter getting a tax break for building their office in a specific SF neighborhood?  Has your company started using Instagram?  If so, what have been the results?  Have you experienced any ranking decreases from the dreaded Panda?