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Posted on May 13th, 2004
Written by Lee Odden
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    Small and Medium Businesses Rely on Online Research for Technology Purchasing Decisions “59 percent use search engines on a daily basis.” – From MediaDailyNews. Based on research sponsored by Yahoo! and Grey Global Group and conducted by IDC.

    Here’s another report supporting the notion that technology marketers needs to emphasis their online marketing component – especially search. I’m continuously amazed at how many technology solutions companies do not effectively market themselves via search engines. The market is there, searching products and solutions every day.

    Too many rely on their web designers/developers to perform site optimization when most do not have the necessary skills or time to keep up on the constant changes in the search industry. It takes time and effort to get the basics down and more time and effort to stay on top of what’s current – both from a strategic and tactical perspective.

    The article from MediaDailyNews points out that marketers need to craft their message accordingly for SMB’s using the web to research technology solutions. The implementation of that strategy is as key online as it is offline. Buyers will click on links to sites they know and trust. i.e. a #1 ranking of an unknown company will get a lower conversion than a #2 ranking for a known company. How that company gets “known” is through online and offline promotion.

    That’s enough of a rant for now….