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Holistic Optimization Across the Sales Cycle: Optimize Speaking Events May & June

Posted on May 10th, 2012
Written by Lee Odden
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  • Holistic Optimization Across the Sales Cycle: Optimize Speaking Events May & June
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    When you have a business that relies on attracting new business online the sheer volume of options can be confusing. Should offline advertising efforts transfer to online? Maybe email marketing? What about SEO or the hot topic, social media? So much focus is placed on tactics and channels, that a lot of misplaced digital marketing budget gets wasted or spent inefficiently.

    To bring some clarity to the myriad online marketing options available, I think it’s worth marketers taking a holistic approach that starts with an essential understanding of goals and customers. Who are your best customers? Who are your worst? What do your best customers care about? What are their pain points and goals? While you’re answering those key questions, think about how your solutions meet the needs of your target audience and what stories you can tell to bring align those interests to a common goal.

    To be an effective online marketer in today’s fast changing environment, it’s important to understand the customer journey though the sales cycle. That empathy helps internet marketers adapt to any changes in consumer behaviors. Curiosity about technology and trends will help marketers become smarter regardless of what changes occur in the industry, with specific channels or applications.

    If you want to learn more about how a more customer centric and content focused internet marketing approach could work for your business, please give us a call or come to one of the events listed below. Over the next month or so, I will be speaking at a number of events drilling down into the strategy and mechanics of such an approach. Of course, a great complement to these events would be the book that Joe Pulizzi says will, “help take your online and content marketing to the next level”.

    May 16, 1:00 pm Central
    Webinar:  Optimize & Socialize for Better Content Marketing
    Online Marketing Institute: Register Here (free)

    The answer to better content marketing isn’t simply adding more content. Designing content that’s meaningful vs. mechanical for customers that inspires engagement and business outcomes enables brands to reach more people ready to buy, refer or share. This webinar will provide a framework for an Optimize and Socialize approach to content marketing that attracts, engages and inspires community and sales.

    Key Takeaways:

    • 3 Key consumer trends that spell opportunity for Social SEO
    • A Framework for an optimized and socialized content marketing program
    • How to plan search and social content across the sales cycle
    • Essential KPIs and business outcomes for Social SEO and content marketing

    May 23rd, 4:45 pm Pacific
    Solo Presentation: Sales Cycle Optimization With Content, SEO & Social Media
    Marketo Users Conference (Client), San Francisco: Register Here

    While handles over 11 billion queries a month, competition for attention on the search and social web is at an all time high. There are over 65,743,590 blog posts published each month and more video is uploaded to YouTube in that time than the 3 major US networks created in 60 years. Content flows in every direction throughout a variety of platforms, formats and devices. The mass adoption of the social and mobile web has facilitated a revolution of information access, sharing and publishing.

    Guiding customers on their journey through the sales cycle in that environment requires an integrated approach to content, optimization and social media marketing. Optimizing the sales funnel is essential to attract, engage and inspiring customers to buy and this presentation will provide attendees with a framework and tactics to develop their own Optimize and Socialize approach to sales cycle optimization.

    June 1st, 8:00 am Central
    Presentation: Optimize – How to Attract and Engage More Customers by Integrating SEO, Social Media and Content Marketing
    Social Media Club, Redwood Falls MN: Register Here (free copy of Optimize for all attendees!)

    How can small businesses approach their online marketing to achieve better visibility where customers are looking and socializing online? This presentation on Optimize will provide attendees a framework for organizing their content marketing that leverages both search and social media to attract more customers, shorten sales cycles and retain existing customers. Some of the key presentation topics to be covered:

    • Major shifts in consumer search and social trends
    • Key opportunities to improve online marketing strategy and performance
    • How to integrate customer-centric SEO with social media and content marketing
    • Using this knowledge to attract, engage, and inspire more sales online

    June 7th, 9:00 am Eastern
    Track Keynote: Optimize and Socialize for Better Content Marketing
    BlogWorld New Media & Expo, New York

    Search, social media and content marketing are converging, and consumers are using numerous ways to discover, consume and act on content. In this session, you’ll learn how to use content marketing best practices to design information that inspires audiences to share, buy and recommend your brand.

    Key Points
    1. Learn the framework for an optimize and socialize approach to content marketing
    2. Understand the framework for optimizing across the customer lifecycle
    3. Know the difference between KPIs and business outcomes for web and social measurement

    June 11, 10:30 am & 3:30 pm
    Enterprise SEO
    Content Marketing Optimization
    SES Toronto

    Enterprise SEO: This session will also include a proven model of organization for your enterprise-level SEO campaign as well as a summary of key metrics that you should be measuring to drive ongoing SEO strategy.

    Content Marketing Optimization: Pandas and Penguins and Zebras Oh My!  If your SEO is all about chasing tricks and shortcuts with content and links, then this session isn’t for you. If you are interested in building a competitive advantage focusing on customer centric content marketing that works with or without search engines, then make sure you have a front row seat.

    It will be a busy 30 days but there’s been so much interest in a more integrated approach and with Optimize, that it’s been a real pleasure meeting and exchanging ideas with marketers looking for a more holistic perspective to marketing on the web. I hope to see you at one of these events.  

    For anyone that liveblogs these events, please be sure to email me the link to your post and I’ll send you a copy of Optimize. If you have one, I’ll send you one to give away to your readers.  lee at toprank dot org