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Session: Podcast & Audio Search Optimization SES 2007

Posted on Aug 21st, 2007
Written by Lee Odden
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    Search engines love text and people love engaging content. This message was made clear during the SES session on Podcast & Audio Search Optimization where Daron Babin of Webmaster Radio, Amanda Watlington of Searching for Profit and Rick Klau of Google presented on the opportunities of search marketing with audio.

    Audio search has come a long way and still, we’ve barely tapped into the full potential for audio content.
    But why should we podcast? Watlington tells us that the value of audio content lies in its ability to create and foster an emotional connection with the audience. It is yet another opportunity to engage users while adding a human context to the message.

    The concerns broached by the audience included the question of whether or not podcast and audio optimization made sense those in B2B marketing.

    The consensus of the panel was that Audio content does not necessarily have to be entertaining or be directed toward consumers. The important factor to consider is the relevance of the content. If it’s relevant, then it will engage your targeted audience. As with any message- written, visual, or audible, it’s about providing expertise. Podcasts allow you to do this while fostering a connection with your intended audience.