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Game On: How to Power-Up Your Content Marketing Game with Insights From #CMWorld

Posted on Sep 12th, 2018
Written by TopRank Marketing
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  • Game On: How to Power-Up Your Content Marketing Game with Insights From #CMWorld
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    Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right.

    If you’re a classic gamer, you’ll recognize the Konami Code used in popular games as a way to uncover gaming cheats or special effects. And if you attended Content Marketing World last week, you’ll recognize that sequence from trying to find your way through Huntington Convention Center to find your speaker sessions.

    And even if you’re not a gamer and weren’t able to attend the conference this year, you’re in luck. The team at TopRank Marketing has compiled some top tips for powering up your event attendance and our coverage of stellar content marketing sessions from the biggest content marketing conference of the year.

    How Team TopRank Marketing Levels Up

    Attending a conference like CMWorld requires an investment. Not only is there a monetary cost for gaining access to amazing sessions, it requires an investment of time. And if you really want to get the most out of events, it’s essential that you’re planning ahead how you’ll tackle the week (which is so much more than just showing up on Day 1).

    #1 – Plan Your Sessions Ahead of Time

    As soon as the agenda for a conference is released, our team begins the process of identifying which sessions we will attend and live blog. Having a plan makes navigating a large conference much easier and more successful.

    #2 – Provide Valuable Insights for Attendees By Speaking

    Our CEO Lee Odden has spoken at every single CMWorld to date. And I had the honor of speaking there for my very first time this year. Presenting at conferences provides a great opportunity to share the expertise of your team, and connect with attendees.

    If you are presenting, the quality of your content and your engagement with the audience is key for success.

    Here are a couple of attendees top takeaways and feedback from our presentations:

    Workshop: Rocket Science Simplified: How to Optimize, Socialize and Publicize B2B Content

    Solo Session: The Confluence Equation: How Content and Influencers Drive B2B Marketing Success

    Solo Session: Influencer Marketing is Only for B2C (and other lies your parents told you)

    #3 – Engage on Social Media

    At large events like CMWorld, attendees spend just as much time looking at their phones as they do each other. In fact, when everyone was filing out of one of the keynotes, I noticed the crowd was moving exceptionally slow. Why? They were all furiously tweeting takeaways!

    When an event has a hashtag, take advantage. You’ll have access to a very engaged audience (both those attending and those participating from afar).

    Often at events, Chris Penn utilizes a data algorithm to identify the most talked about and engaging individuals or brands at an event. As you can see, TopRank Marketing and Lee Odden were strong contenders at this year’s CMWorld.

    Image via @cspenn

    #4 – Interact IRL

    For our team, one of the amazing benefits to attending events is the opportunity to interact with clients like the team’s at LinkedIn and DivvyHQ, partners, prospects and influencers. On Wednesday at CMWorld, we had the pleasure of hosting a dinner for some of our favorite marketers including Brock Stechman and Brody Dorland of DivvyHQ (client), Carla Johnson, Michael Brenner, Dave Charest, Mark Boothe, Peter Krmpotic, Eli Schwartz, Tim Washer and Jesper Laursen.

    Event Coverage of Our Favorite Players

    If you didn’t get to attend all of the sessions you’d planned to, or were following from home, we have a treat for you!

    Below you’ll find our team’s event coverage of some of our favorite CMWorld sessions:

    LinkedIn’s Megan Golden on Building a Blockbuster Content Marketing Strategy (Client)

    LinkedIn's Megan Golden at Content Marketing World

    A #B2B blockbuster #contentmarketing strategy monetizes a brand’s expertise. @Goldmegs #CMWorld Share on X

    How Amanda Todorovich and the Cleveland Clinic Monetized Their Blog (And Why the Resulting Revenue is Just Gravy)

    Content has to be interesting, valuable, and useful above all else. @amandatodo #CMWorld Share on X

    Influencer & Content Marketing: Solving the Confluence Equation with Lee Odden

    Influencer Marketing activates internal & industry experts with engaged networks to co-create content of mutual value and achieve measurable business goals. @leeodden #CMWorld Share on X

    Andrew Davis Helps Content Marketers Grasp & Keep Audience Attention with the Curiosity Factor #CMWorld

    If we are going to create better content we need to learn to consume content better. @DrewDavisHere #CMWorld Share on X

    Ashley Zeckman Dispels B2B Influencer Marketing Lies at CMWorld

    Ashley Zeckman at CMWorld

    Rather than unapologetically telling us to buy a product, #B2B influencers are collaborating around an idea. @azeckman #InfluencerMarketing Share on X

    How Twitch is Breaking New Ground In Audience Engagement 

    Authentic and real-time #video can be better than immaculately produced when it comes to engaging an audience. Jane Weedon, @Twitch #CMWorld Share on X

    Allen Gannett Shares His Secrets to Racking Up Millions of LinkedIn Video Views 

    We’re living in an age where authenticity is key on #socialmedia. People want to hear stories from individuals. @Allen on #LinkedIn #video #CMWorld Share on X

    Bonus Level: Ultimate Guide to Conquering Content Marketing

    For a number of years, the TopRank Marketing team has partnered with Content Marketing Institute (CMI) to help provide helpful insights from top speakers. And this year was no exception!

    Thank You For Helping Us All Level Up!

    It doesn’t matter if you were a veteran speaker or first-time attendee, the beauty of an event like CMWorld is that we can all connect and learn together.

    If you were lucky enough to attend this great event, what was your top takeaway? Tells us in the comments section below.