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    PRWeb is at it again with a new announcement on the addition of Technorati and PRWeb tags to the PRWeb news wire and press release distribution service. The press release, “Holy SHIFT! PRWeb Plays Tag with Social Media” comments that the new features will make it easy to add Technorati and PRWeb specific tags to your press releases.

    The SHIFT Communications’ social media release was in part a motivator for the new services as the release from PRWeb states:

    “If you spend the time to create a press release following the template
    outlined by SHIFT Communications, all you have is an electronic
    document unless you have a distribution platform that supports its
    features. PRWeb is that platform,” said David McInnis, CEO and Founder
    of PRWeb.

    Which makes sense. The SHIFT template is great for sending individual emails or pitches, but with PRWeb you actually have those features built in to the wire service distribution platform. How much more effective would it be to take advantage of social media when these features are inherent in the distribution system rather than single press release documents? I’m guessing a LOT more effective.

    Make no mistake, the companies that can best leverage innovative social media tools will define the new direction of search marketing and public relations.