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Why Pubcon Rocks

Posted on Dec 3rd, 2007
Written by Lee Odden
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    Next week offers one of the most significant opportunities for those in the search marketing world to up their knowledge, industry networks and have a great time doing it. WebmasterWorld’s Pubcon conference in Las Vegas has acquired a certain gravitational pull that’s impossible to ignore. There are many reasons why this is true, so I’ve pinged a few Pubcon veterans to share why they love Pubcon and why it’s something search marketers should seriously consider getting involved with.

    We don’t have 100 reasons just yet, but that’s our goal, so please be sure to leave yours in the comments. Not only is this a great collection of reasons why search marketers appreciate Pubcon, but it’s also a great list of some of the top search marketing talent and blogs in the industry. The list is in order of replies received.

    Jeremy Shoemaker (Shoemoney) – I like Pubcon because its a no B.S. conference. The speakers are not there because of their position in a company but rather because they have experience actually DOING what they are speaking about. I learn more at Pubcon then any other conference.

    Aaron Wall – It is cool to hang out with exceptionally successful and down to Earth people working in the same field I am in.

    Michael Dorausch, DC – Attended my first Pubcon in 2006. While there was a lot to learn and the speakers were top-notch, there was nothing more valuable to me than the camaraderie experienced among attendees. It was refreshing to be around others of like mind, which gave me a calming sense of sanity, and a motivation to drive forward with even greater enthusiasm. I’d recommend this event to anyone who’s experienced frustration in their online marketing efforts, optimization methods, or Web development. The answers you seek are there, but you’ve got to step out of your comfort zone, and let those ideas come to you.

    Bill Hartzer – Lee odden will be there with his camera. i love the networking opps.

    Andy Beal – PubCon attracts attendees from so many different verticals, job functions, and areas of expertise, that you always meet someone who can teach you something new.

    Abhilash Patel – Easy: The expertise level of conference attendees is always very high at Pubcon. Each conversation (and session for that matter) operates at an elevated level, assuming that the attendees know their stuff. I value each conversation I have at this show. Sure, the bull-riding, the mud wrestling and the blackjack are great, but the SEO at PubCon is top-notch. 🙂

    Cindy Turrietta – My #1 reason is because a few things add up. Like airfare, logding and conference passes are all reasonable and you still receive quality information from the keynotes and sessions. Ok, I admit it, my #1 reason is really for the socializing and networking!

    Carolyn Shelby (cshel) – I like Pubcon because it feels less corporate-big agency filled. It’s a lot more “do it yourselfers” and the sessions tend to be more “hands on” I think, than theoretical or just pitches or presentations of studies.

    Donna Fontenot (DazzlinDonna) – I love Pubcon because it is the perfect mix of education, networking, and Vegas. Who knew you could actually learn in the midst of all the Vegas lights, but you can!

    Sergey Rusak – Pubcon Rocks because it create opportunity to share opinion, knowledge, and experience. Pubcon improves entire SEO industry

    Jim Hathaway (hyperg) – PubCon: Big Bang For Your Buck (and fun too!) (See a full post on the topic of Pubcon’s value here.

    Christopher “CK” Chung (SEOdisco) – I just like being able to meet up with industry friends and acquaintances in person. The amount of networking and conversation is at another level from what we can do online.

    Scott Hendison – What I like best about Pubcon? I suppose it’s the electric environment of being around people that are the best on the planet at something, and who are so passionately willing to share their knowledge with others.

    Todd Malicoat – I mainly go to catchup with friends, and meet new ones. With that aside, I can trace LARGE improvements in my career directly to attending a pubcon conference. I’m always amazed at what I manage to retain from the high level conversations despite the horrifying hangovers from not being able to say no to hanging out until all hours of the morning with friends. It’s so much fun you can hardly call it work, but you’re also an search slacker if you don’t attend.

    Manoj K. Jasra – Real thought leaders who have proven their success and are passionate to share their strategies. Seeing Matt on the hot seat is always fun

    Tony Adam – I think my #1 reason is definitely the networking and catching up with people I can’t throughout the year. Every year that I have attended since 2004 I have made at the very least, 1 great connection and I hope to continue that tradition this year.

    Francis McGovern – My reasons for attending (twice) in the past – I won’t be there this time, is the hybrid approach and the personal feel of the conference. The combination of the networking, search, and affiliate opportunities are unique. The laid back structure of the sessions and the “pub” aspect really encourages meeting other members. Also the fact that many of the speakers are entrepreneurs makes it worth it for me. I have had some great conversations with people who’ve been very successful and learned a lot from them.

    Lee Odden – Pubcon has been a consistently useful resource for gaining and affirming knowledge about internet marketing through networking with attendees, speakers and exhibitors. The event provides a high value at a reasonable cost as well.

    For the curious, here are past interviews I’ve done with Brett Tabke, founder and owner of WebmasterWorld and Pubcon, along with our previous Pubcon conference coverage. Other handy details about the event include: