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Reader Survey for Online Marketing Blog

Posted on Sep 6th, 2006
Written by Lee Odden
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    It has been amazing to see the growth of readers to Online Marketing Blog the past year and I really appreciate the comments I’ve received on blog posts and privately.

    Our log files show the types of organizations that are reading this blog include huge and small companies, universities, search engines, competitors, friends, etc. To get an even better idea of who the readership is I’d like to invite you to do one or both of two things:

    One – Leave a comment – introduce yourself and share your thoughts about what’s working with this blog and/or any improvements you would like to see. I’ve been posting to this blog and it’s blogspot predecessor since 2003 and would like to do a better job soliciting reader feedback so Online Marketing Blog can be even better. Your feedback is valuable and greatly appreciated!

    Two – Take this one question poll about the kind of company/organization you work with. This is also a way to test out a polling plugin for WordPress. (Thanks to Jim for the info on the plugin)

    I’d like to think that with a better understanding of who reads this blog and what readers are most interested in, I can do a better job at picking topics, interview subjects and news commentary. Blogging has been very good for our business and we want to be able to continue to provide useful information to those that are interested in reading it.