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Resources for New Media and Social Media PR

Posted on Aug 24th, 2006
Written by Lee Odden
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    There’s a growing amount of buzz about social media lately, but specifically of interest is social media press releases. As we fold the new media press release, press room and media relations tactics into our PR strategy, I’ve been monitoring a number of resources on the topic of new media PR and the hRelease or social media news release and offer some of those links here.

    New Media Release Group – A Google group started to discuss the new media release format with participants ranging from independent PR consultants to PR Newswire and Market Wire.

    New PR – Constantin Basturea’s “Digg style” site for new media public relations news.

    Workspace for Social Media Press Release (hRelease) – hRelease is a community effort to define a new format for press releases via a community standard microformat

    Social Media Club – Chris Heuer’s site focused on sharing best practices, establishing ethics and standards, and promoting media literacy around the emerging area of Social Media.

    Social Media Press Release Template (pdf) – SHIFT Communications

    Inspiration for the Social Media Press Release from Tom Foremski

    New Media Release Podcast – With Chris Heuer, Tom Foremski, Brian Solis and Shel Holtz.

    Web 2.0 Press Release Marketing – PRWeb’s many social media optimization tools for press releases.

    Social Media Power Players – Wall Street Journal profiles the users who dominate various social media formats. Via Steve Rubel.

    PR Squared Blog – “Scenes from the trenches of PR 2.0” by Todd Defren of SHIFT Communications.

    PR Meets the WWW – Constantin Basturea’s blog.

    Social Media – Online Marketing Blog

    Reinventing the Media Interview – Steve Rubel offers some interesting alternatives to providing journalists with information using social media.

    Examining The Social Media Press Release – HealthCareVox
    Part I: Is It Ready For Prime Time?
    Part II: Paradigm Shift Or Incremental Change? Interviews with Todd Defren, David McInnis and Mark Nowlan
    Part III: How Could The Healthcare Industry Use It?

    What resources on new media press releases do you have? Please post in the comments.